“Kershner Pads Point Lead With Hagerstown Hat-Trick”

Kenawell Sprints to PASS 305 Victory”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (6/18/22)- Greencastle Pa’s Cody Kershner drove to his third feature win of the season in last Saturday nights 20-lap Late Model Sportsman contest at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Kershner, aboard his Wilt/Fischer owned Rocket no 2+2, would be his 6th overall win of the season as Cody has collected 3 victories with the teams Pure Stock mount as well.

Kershner and last week’s winner Justin Weaver shared the front row for the start of the event but as the duo entered turned one suspension failure on Weaver’s Rocket no.2J sent him into the turn one wall and out of competition. The second start would be much better as Kershner jumped into the lead on the first lap and would lead the distance over a surprisingly strong effort from runner-up Rance Garlock. “Since we brought this car out we haven’t finished any worse than second with it and I think we can make it better.” Kershner stated in victory lane. “The Wilt’s have again given me a great opportunity this year and there is nothing I would like to do more for them than win this championship.” 12th starting Chad Myers came home third with Matt Glanden and Dale Murphy rounding out the top five. Heats went to Weaver and Kershner. Read more

“Weaver Gets Season on Track With With Saturday Hagerstown Score”

“Hardy Takes Season First in Crate Late Models”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown MD, (6-11-22)- Williamsport Maryland’s Justin Weaver drove to his first win of the season in last Saturday nights 20-lap late model sportsman feature at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Weaver, aboard his familiar Rocket no.2J, would mark the former track champions 31st career division win and would also make him the fifth different winner in the six races run for the class this season.

Weaver made the most of his outside front row starting spot as he would burst into the lead at the drop of the green flag and would eventually pays all 20 circuits the score of the win. Eventual runner-up Cody Kershner came all the way from his 13th starting spot to challenge Weaver at the end but would have to settle for runner-up honors. “It’s been a slow start to the season as many know.” Weaver stated post race. “We found some things in our cars that we’ve been doing and things are just starting to come back together for us.” Kyle Hardy, Andy Anderson and Danny Atherton would complete the top five. Heats went to Weaver and Tommy Slanker. Read more

Feathers Weekend Hot Streak Continues in Frank Sagi Tribute Sunday at Hagerstown.”

By Doug Watson
Hagerstown, MD- (6/5/22)
Winchester Virginia‘s Trever Feathers scored a dominating feature win in last Sunday’s Frank Sagi tribute at Hagerstown speedway. The win for Feathers, steering his Larry Royston owned Longhorn no.20, was worth a hefty $5091 payday and it would be his second win of the weekend as he was victorious at Winchester (Va) speedway the evening prior for his third overall win of the 2022 season.
Feathers shot from his outside front row starting spot to gain the lead on the first lap and would cruise uncontested to the checkered flag over eventual runner-up Jason Covert. Feathers machine carried the colors and iconic no.76 on its doors to celebrate the career of legend Gerald Chamberlain. Matt Cosner was third with Kyle Hardy and Rick Eckert completing the top five. Heat race wins for the 30 car field went to Covert, Feathers and Eckert with Cody Kershner taking the consolation. Read more

4-30 Results:

LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN – Feature (Results): 1-Kershner.C 2-Weaver.J 3-Piper.J 4-Palmer.S 5-Murphy.D 6-Merkel.S 7-Lear.C 8-Buchinsky.C 9-Farlling.T 10-Glanden.M 11-King.J 12-Beard.B 13-Cordell.T 14-Breeden.C 15-Schaeffer.R 16-Rowland.J 17-Walls.M 18-Upperman.C 19-Miller.M 20-McBee.J 21-Atherton.D 22-Fries.A 23-Williamson.M 24-Ecton.W(Sr.)

EMOD – Feature (Results): 1-Altobelli.M 2-Kable.R 3-Oliver.C 4-Cullum.J 5-Hulson.R 6-Farlling.D 7-Smith.D 8-Stine.D 9-Whitt.J 10-Jesmer.J 11-Pappas.M 12-Hessong.L 13-Ciezobka.M 14-DiBella.N

PURE STOCKS – Feature (Results): 1-Kershner.C 2-Grady.M 3-Swank.J 4-Snyder.D 5-Meixsell.B 6-Wagaman.B 7-Snyder.D 8-Mills.J 9-Kent.S 10-Zentmyer.J 11-Geesaman.J 12-Neff.B

HOBBY STOCK – Feature (Results): 1-Fuller.M 2-Younker.N 3-Beavers.D 4-Speelman.J 5-Larrick.T 6-Thomas.D 7-Mongan.J(Sr.) 8-Catlett.J 9-Crook.W 10-Shank.C 11-Fogle.N 12-Fisher.T 13-Reid.Z

“Hart Continues Win Streak With Saturday Hagerstown Score”

“Duke Takes 305 Sprint Main”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (4/23/22)- Port Royal Pa’s Devin Hart became the third different winner of the three week old season in last Saturday nights 20 lap Late Model Sportsman main at Hagerstown Speedway. Hart’s win, aboard his Campbell chassis no.2, would be the defending Port Royal and Selinsgrove (PA) Speedway’s Late Model Sportsman champions 3rd overall win of 2022 as he’s also taken victories in the keystone state at Port Royal and Bedford.

Hart shot from his front row starting spot to lead the field into turn one, and would eventually hold off first his cousin Trent Brenneman and then Cody Kershner Who was the runner-up in last week‘s Main event, to collect his first Hagerstown win of the season. Read more

“DeHaven Scores Big Saturday at Hagerstown”

“Troutman Romps to Victory in E-Mods”

    Hagerstown, MD (4-16-22)- Winchester Virginia’s Jonathan DeHaven scored his first win of the season in last Saturday nights Late Model Sportsman feature at Hagerstown speedway. The win for DeHaven, the 3rd of his Hagerstown career, came steering his familiar Swartz Chassis no.13D and would be his second overall win of 2022 as he was a recent Sportsman winner at Winchester Speedway.

Jakob Piper shot from the pole and appeared headed to his career first win at the speedway. Second Starting DeHaven had been on Pipers bumper during this time and would ultimately slide by Piper to take the lead on the 13th lap. DeHaven would eventually lead the distance but would how to hold off a charging Cody Kershner who had come from 10th on the grid to preserve the win. “All the cars here at Hagerstown are fast and you have to be on your A-game if you’re going to run with them.” DeHaven stated in victory Lane. “My car was really good tonight thanks to Audie Swartz as his changes keep getting us better, and I can’t forget Chris Fletcher, from Fletcher made horsepower, his motors are awesome.” Piper held tough for third with Dale Murphy and Danny Atherton rounding out the top five. Taking heat race victories over the 32-car field were Brad Feight, Piper and DeHaven with Troy Miller collecting the consolation victory. Read more