Hardy Takes Coveted Durboraw Tribute Saturday at Hagerstown”

By Doug Watson
    Hagerstown MD, 8/14/21- Linden Virginia’s Kyle Hardy scored a thrilling Late Model win in last Saturday nights 41-lap Nathan Durboraw Tribute at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Hardy, worth $4100, came steering his Sommey and Ruth Ann Lacey owned Rocket no.45 and would mark his 8th career win at the venerable half-mile oval. Kyle Lee darted into the lead at the drop of the initial green flag with Jason Covert in tow. As Lee set the pace, 4th starting Kyle Hardy arrived in second on the 15th lap and would squeeze into the lead until Lee took it back on the 19th lap. Lee would then pace the field until Hardy took over again on the 28th circuit. Gary Stuhler challenged Hardy until Trever Feathers took second on lap-36 and hunted Hardy down. Over the final 5 laps, Hardy and Feathers put on another epic Hagerstown battle, with Hardy prevailing for his overall 24th feature win of the 2021 season. “It’s truly an honor to win this race here tonight.” Hardy stated post race. “The Durboraw family did a great job with this event and I sure am glad to be standing here.” Hardy was quick to praise those who aided in his winning effort. Sommey (Lacey) has given me a great opportunity this season driving his car and I hope we have a few more to come before the season is over.” Gary Stuhler held tough for third with 11th starting Marvin Winters and Jason Covert completing the top-five. Heats for the 27 entries went Logan Roberson, Kyle Hardy and Ross Robinson.
    Veteran Brian Booze took the lead on the first lap and held off current point leader Cody Kershner to score his first career division feature win in the 15-lap Pure Stock main. Tony Catlett, Jason Stoner and Jeremy Tinsman trailed at the finish. Heats went to Bobby Miexsall and Josh Bloom.
    Cody Breeden closed the program with his 3rd win of the season in the 15-lap Hobby Stock feature. Breeden took the lead on the first lap and would eventually lead the distance. Nathaniel Younker, Scot Sipes, Lane Hessong and current point leader Trevor Larrick filled the front five. Heats went to Sam Caravello, Younker and Larrick.
Late Model feature finish 
Kyle Hardy, Trever Feathers, Gary Stuhler, Marvin Winters, Jason Covert, Rick Eckert, Tyler Bare, Justin Weaver, Ross Robinson, Kenny Moreland, Roy Deese Jr., Matt Sponaugle, Frankie Gordon, Chad Myers, Tyler Hershey, Logan Roberson, Keith Koontz, Kyle Lee, Andy Anderson, Samuel Bryant, Wayne Johnson, Tyler Horst, DJ Myers, Brian Booze, Brad Omps, Jamie Lathroum, Jakob Piper
Pure Stock feature finish 
Brian Booze, Cody Kershner, Tony Catlett, Jason Stoner, Jeremy Tinsman, Bobby Miexsall, Deakon Snyder, Steve Kent, Mike Desch, Dalton Myers, Bryan Bowersox, Jeremy Mills, Willie Ling, Bryan Kerns, Bryan Neff, Josh Bloom, Josh Gustaf
Hobby Stock feature finish 
Cody Breeden, Nathaniel Younker, Scot Sipes, Lane Hessong, Trevor Larrick, Casey Sheckles, Sam Caravello, Chris Kauffman, Keith Koontz, Dylan Beavers, Jack Gose, Charles Noblitt, Zack Reid, Ricky Michael, Zack Frost, Carter Shank, James Speelman, Michael Knight, Nick Fogel, Laura Chamberlain, Jamie Mills, James Mongan, Rodney Miner DNS-Brandon Miexsall