Davenport Scores 2nd Straight LOLMDS Schetrompf Memorial at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – “Superman” Jonathan Davenport picked up the $12,000 payday in front of a packed house during the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 38th annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic at Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday night.

The 50 lap triumph was his second career win at the Hub City half-mile and the fifth LOLMDS win of the 2019 season for the series point leader. The Peltzer, South Carolina driver became the first LOLMDS repeat winner in the twelve LOLMDS races held at Hagerstown.

Davenport started on the pole, and outran Gene Knaub to the first turn to keep the lead. His advantage was quickly erased as the caution flag waved for a stopped Don O’Neal in turn four on Lap 6.

With the Delaware style restart, Davenport was all alone, but quickly had company as Jimmy Owens moved around Knaub for second position. Davenport began to distance himself from Owens until reaching traffic on the eighteenth circuit.

Owens then closed in on Davenport’s bumper on Lap 23, and was poised to make a move for the lead, until another caution waved at the halfway point of the feature event.

Following the restart, Brandon Sheppard passed Owens for the runner-up spot.  Once again, Davenport was able to pull away and reach lapped traffic by Lap 37.

In the closing laps, Davenport navigated through lapped traffic with some close encounters, but good enough to drive the No.49 to the win.

In Victory Lane with LOLMDS announcer James Essex, Davenport said “Man, I was worried there. We got really, really loose on that long green flag run when I got behind those lapped cars. Jimmy (Owens) and (Brandon) Sheppard, they reeled us in, and thank God for that caution. That really saved us. Thank all of you fans for coming out here. This is awesome. I’ve always heard about Hagerstown Speedway. I haven’t been able to get here many times, but I know it’s a very historic place”.

Following Davenport at the finish was Sheppard, Owens, Rick Eckert, and 19th-place starter Tim McCreadie finished fifth.

Joey Zambotti is now a perfect 4 for 4 in Pure Stock feature appearances and wins at Hagerstown in 2019. Zambotti started fourth, and battled 2018 Pure Stock champion Doug Hoffman side-by-side while exchanging the lead several times.

With just five laps to go in the 15 lap race, Danny Atherton came from the rear after being involved in an early race caution to make it a three car battle. Atherton got by Hoffman for second, but didn’t have enough to get by Zambotti.

Following the lead trio at the finish and rounding out the top five were Mike Desch, and Rob Nichols.

Notes:  37 SLM entered the pit area for a race that paid $1,000 to take the green flag. Kyle Bronson set overall quick time with a lap of 18.172 seconds. Kyle Hardy and Trever Feathers won the B-Mains.

Sheppard (10th to 2nd), McCreadie (19th to 5th),and Feathers (18th to 8th) each advanced numerous positions to take home solid finishes for their efforts.

17 Pure Stocks were pitside for the double point special event.

Feature Results

Super Late Models (LOLMDS) – 1. 49-Jonathan Davenport, [1]; 2. 1S-Brandon Sheppard, [10]; 3. 20-Jimmy Owens, [3]; 4. 0-Rick Eckert, [5]; 5. 39-Tim McCreadie, [19]; 6. 1-Earl Pearson Jr, [4]; 7. 14-Josh Richards, [9]; 8. 20F-Trever Feathers, [18]; 9. 1K-Gene Knaub, [2]; 10. 72C-Jason Covert, [6]; 11. 40B-Kyle Bronson, [13]; 12. 1M-Devin Moran, [15]; 13. 24-Dylan Yoder, [12]; 14. 1T-Tyler Erb, [7]; 15. 71-Hudson O’Neal, [14]; 16. 45-Jamie Lathroum, [21]; 17. 50-Shanon Buckingham, [22]; 18. 2S-Stormy Scott, [20]; 19. 36V-Kyle Hardy, [17]; 20. 1GK-Ryan King, [24]; 21. 22-Gregg Satterlee, [11]; 22. 21-Billy Moyer Jr, [8]; 23. 72W-Justin Weaver, [25]; 24. 5-Don O’Neal, [16]; 25. 12J-Jason Jameson, [23]

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti, [4]; 2. 19-Danny Atherton, [5]; 3. S7-Doug Hoffman, [2]; 4. 59-Mike Desch, [6]; 5. 7N-Rob Nichols, [8]; 6. 69-Dwayne Snyder, [3]; 7. 36A-Sam Archer, [14]; 8. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, [11]; 9. 6-Wayne Hawbaker, [9]; 10. 12S-Tony Stoneberger, [7]; 11. 81F-Dylan Welsh, [12]; 12. 47-Tike Loizos, [13]; 13. 25-Jeremy Mills, [15]; 14. 7-Brian Swiger, [16]; 15. 65-Dillon Wilson, [10]; 16. 57H-TJ Henry  DNS- Randy Zechman