Breeden claims Eric Johnson memorial

Hagerstown, MD (7/30/22)- Port Royal Pennsylvania’s Devin Hart made his second visit of the 2022 season and promptly walked off with his second win in as many attempts in last Saturday nights 20-lap Late Model Sportsman feature at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Hart, the 4th of his Hagerstown career, came steering his familiar Rocket no.33K and made him only the second driver to repeat wins in the class this season.

Hart shot from the pole to the lead as the field entered turn number one. From that point forward it would be a race for second as Hart had his machine dialed in to perfection and would eventually pace all 20-laps. Current point leader Cody Kershner kept Hart in his sights I would have to settle for runner-up money. “There was a time when I really hated to come here, but now it is one of my favorite tracks.” Hart stated in victory Lane. “We seem to be finding a balance with our car and to win here tonight is a big confidence booster for this whole team.” Taylor Farlling, Justin Kann and Trent Brenneman would complete the top five. Heats for the 23 entries went Hart, Kann and Brenneman.

Jasen Geesaman Continued his stellar season as he collected his 4th win of the season in the 15-lap Pure Stock main. Geesaman snared the lead from Greg Diehl on the 12th lap and would then control the final three circuits to preserve the win. “The track was great tonight and the car was a blast to drive. This has been a great season for us.” Diehl, nursing a sick car, hung tough for second with Steve Kent, Jamey Swank and Deakon Snyder trailing at the finish. Heats went to Geesaman and Diehl.

In the 20-lap “Eric Johnson Memorial” Codey Breeden collected the win, his first of the season. Nathaniel Younker, 18th starting Cody Sumption, Keith Reed and Brandon Churchey rounded out the top five. Heats went to Sammy Rial, Kristopher Hutton, Codey Breeden and Randy Linaburg with Mike Fuller claiming the B-feature.






LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN – Feature (Results): 1-Hart.D 2-Kershner.C 3-Farlling.T 4-Kann.J 5-Brenneman.T 6-Miller.T 7-Fries.A 8-Zook.R 9-Palmer.S 10-Atherton.D 11-King.J 12-Bard.B 13-Murphy.D 14-Miller.M 15-Warrenfeltz.A 16-Williamson.M 17-Sord.E 18-Schaeffer.R 19-Upperman.C 20-Ecton.W(Sr.) 21-Koontz.K 22-Breeden C DQ-Dustin Arnold


HOBBY STOCK – Eric Johnson Tribute (Results): 1-Breeden.C 2-Younker.N 3-Sumption.C 4-Reed.K 5-Churchey.B 6-Rothfuss.R 7-Dillman.D 8-Boyer.K 9-Thomas.D 10-Speelman.J 11-Sutphin.L 12-Rial.S 13-Harper.R 14-Fisher.T 15-Foust.E 16-Hutton.K 17-Rutherford.D 18-Hoffman.D 19-Lawton.C 20-Reid.Z 21-Kaiser.D 22-Linaburg.R DQ-Dylan Beavers, Rob Wilson DNQ-Zach Frost, Miranda Minium, Carter Shank, Glenn Grimm, John Catlett  Nick Fogle, James Mogan Sr, William Crook, Mike Fuller, Michael Goodwin, Robert Thompson, Johnny Palm


PURE STOCKS – Feature (Results): 1-Geesaman.J 2-Diehl.G 3-Kent.S 4-Swank.J 5-Snyder.D 6-Snyder.D 7-Grady.M 8-Smith.R 9-Meixsell.B 10-Neff.B 11-Kershner.M 12-McQuay.S 13-Miller.I 14-Mills.J