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Feathers Flies to Hagerstown SLM Feature Win

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Trever Feathers flew from his pole position start to dominate the 25 lap Thomas All Things Automotive Super Late Model feature event on Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway.

The third-generation racer from Winchester, Virginia drove his North River Farms No.20 Barry Wright Race Cars entry to a 7.655 second lead at the finish over Andy Anderson.

Feathers navigated through lapped traffic with ease and was able to keep his competition at bay without any contention.

Anderson used the top side of turn two to power by Gary Stuhler for the runner up spot with just two laps remaining. Stuhler held onto third, followed by a nice run by Rodney Walls in fourth, and Kenny Moreland rounded out the top five.

Feathers said: “Yeah, I mean this Barry Wright Icon has been pretty unbelievable since we brought it out the first week. We actually haven’t changed much, did a lot of work when we got the car and made sure everything was perfect before we got here.”

In Crate Late Model action, it was veteran driver Allen Brannon taking the checkered flag in the 20 lap CLM feature event. Brannon battled early race leader Transtan Stoner on the top groove with for several laps before settling into the top spot. Stoner held onto second, while Clinton Hersh, Gunnar Kerr, and Lindsay Barton completed the top five.

Craig Parrill drove to his fourth Pure Stock win of the 2017 season. Parrill had close to a straightaway advantage at the finish line over Sean Dawson, last week’s winner Brandon Churchey, Michael Warrenfeltz, and fifth place finisher Wayne Hawbaker.

Tyler Emory wired the field in the Late Model Sportsman feature to score his first career win at the Hub City oval. Emory held off a fast-closing Kyle Lear through lapped traffic at the conclusion of the 20 lap feature event to pick up the victory. Lear settled for second, while Justin Weaver, Alan Sagi, and Barry Miller finished in the top five.

Dylan Rutherford picked up his third Hobby Stock win of the season. He was followed by Jonathan Raley, Jamie Mills, Jeff Dillon, and Davey Gross, Jr. at the finish.

Feature Results:

Super Late Model – 1. Trever Feathers, 2. Andy Anderson, 3. Gary Stuhler, 4. Rodney Walls,  5. Kenny Moreland, 6. Marvin Winters, 7. Kyle Lee, 8. Jason Miller, 9. Reese Masiello, 10. Brad Omps, 11. Matt Parks, 12. Roy Deese, Jr., 13. D.J. Myers, 14. Chad Myers, 15. Brian Tavenner, 16. Kirk Baker, 17. Steve Gibney, 18. Travis Stickley, 19. Randy Burkholder, 20. Scott Palmer

Late Model Sportsman – 1. Tyler Emory, 2. Kyle Lear, 3. Justin Weaver, 4. Alan Sagi, 5. Barry Miller, 6. Craig Smith, 7. Paul Cursey,Jr., 8. James Lichliter,9. Frankie Gordon, 10. Kurt Zimmerman, 11. Ronnie Bottenfield, 12. Michael Walls, 13. Justin Jesmer, 14. Dale Murphy, 15. John Rowland, 16. Joe Westerman, Jr., 17. Eddie Cornett, 18. Larry Neiderer, 19. Bruce Kane, 20. Kris Holliday

Pure Stock – 1. Craig Parrill, 2. Sean Dawson, 3. Brandon Churchey, 4. Michael Warrenfeltz, 5. Wayne Hawbaker, 6. Jamie Zentmyer, 7. Nick DiBella, 8. William Crook, 9. Ed Pope, 10. Brian Swiger, 11. Shane Wilt, 12. Frank DiBella, 13. Jeremy Mills, 14. Dwayne Snyder, 15. Tom Wakefield

Hobby Stock – 1. Dylan Rutherford, 2. Jonathan Raley, 3. Jamie Mills, 4. Jeff Dillon, 5. Davey Gross, Jr., 6. Ralph Hansberger, 7. Willie Ling, 8. Rodney Miner, 9. John Catlett, 10. Bryan Neff

Crate Late Model – 1. Allen Brannon, 2. Transtan Stoner, 3. Clinton Hersh,  4. Gunnar Kerr, 5. Lindsay Barton, 6.Mike Franklin, 7. Levi Crowl, 8. Brian Luttrell, 9. Zach Price, 10. Timmy Booth, 11. Cory Lawler, 12. Steve Lowery

Weaver Takes Checkers on Fan Appreciation Night

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD- Late Model Sportsman teams were the headlining division on Fan Appreciation Night at Hagerstown Speedway, and Justin Weaver picked up the 20 lap LMS feature win last Saturday night.

Weaver started on the pole, but quickly had company in three-time 2017 LMS winner Kyle Lear in hot pursuit. Lear caught Weaver, and took the lead briefly before a caution flag waved on lap 8.

Lear didn’t get a great restart, and Weaver took the helm once again. Lear fell back to third, while Michael Walls began his hunt toward Weaver. Walls then engaged in a battle with Lear for second, allowing Weaver to pull away.

Weaver drove to his first win of the season at Hagerstown, and his 24th career LMS victory over Walls, Lear, fifteenth-place starter James Lichliter, and Alan Sagi.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure there halfway through. It took Kyle (Lear) blowing by me there up on the top to realize that’s where I needed to be, but that’s sometimes how it works out. It feels good, man. We knew this car was good from the get-go everywhere we’ve been. It’s been awesome to drive.” said Weaver.

Brandon Churchey passed Sean Dawson for the lead in the Pure Stock feature event on the third lap after a restart from a multi-car pileup following the initial green flag.

Once Churchey got out front, he pulled away to his first career Pure Stock win. Dawson held off Craig Parrill to finish second, while Jamie Zentmyer and Wayne Hawbaker rounded out the top five.

Capping off Fan Appreciation Night was the Hobby Stock division, and Jamie Mills wired the field for his second feature win of the season. Dylan Rutherford nipped Bryan Neff at the finish line for second, while Davey Gross, Jr. and James Speelman completed the top five.

Notes: Both the Pure Stock and Late Model Sportsman feature races were quickly stopped for red flag incidents before the first lap was completed. Several cars were mangled up, but all drivers involved walked away.

With Super Late Models having the night off, the three division show was wrapped up by 9:30pm.

Our next race on June 10 returns with a regular lineup plus Crate Late Models.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman – 1. Justin Weaver, 2. Michael Walls, 3. Kyle Lear, 4. James Lichliter, 5. Alan Sagi, 6. Donnie Farling, 7. Ronnie Bottenfield, 8. Paul Cursey, Jr., 9. Matt Murphy, 10. Ryan Walls, 11. Eric Irvin, 12. Frankie Gordon, 13. Sean Merkel, 14. Brad McGinnis, 15. Dale Murphy, 16.Curtis Dunn, 17. Taylor Farling, 18. Joe Westerman, Jr., 19. John Rowland, 20. Justin Jesmer, 21. Barry Miller, 22. Elwood Sord, 23. Jason Sarver

Pure Stock- 1. Brandon Chruchey, 2. Sean Dawson, 3. Craig Parrill, 4. Jamie Zentmyer, 5. Wayne Hawbaker, 6. Tom Wakefield, 7. Frank DiBella, 8. Doug Hoffman, 9. Shane Wilt, 10. Jeremy Mills, 11. Brian Swiger, 12. Dickie Tharp, 13. Danny Atherton, 14. Nick DiBella, 15. William Crook, 16. Bryan Kerns, DNS- Marshall McMullen

Hobby Stock- 1. Jamie Mills, 2. Dylan Rutherford, 3. Bryan Neff, 4. Davey Gross, Jr., 5. James Speelman, 6. Willie Ling, 7. John Catlett, 8. Joe Rodgers, 9. Rodney Miner, DNS- Gary Cekovich

Eckert Grabs Hagerstown LM Speedweek Opener

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – 55 Super Late Models checked into the pit area on beautiful spring evening at Hagerstown Speedway, and it was York, Pennsylvania’s Rick Eckert that ran the table to grab the checkered flag of the 40 lap, $4,000-to win Appalachian Mountain Dirt Late Model Speedweek lid-lifter last Wednesday night.

Eckert used a night off from his World of Outlaws Late Model Series commitments in his Paul Crowl-owned No.7E to set a quick time at a lap of 17.961 seconds around the Hub City half/mile oval before winning his heat race.

Prior to the feature, the redraw was held on the frontstretch which put Virginia driver Walker Arthur on the pole to pace the field at the beginning of the race.

Arthur thwarted off the challenges of Eckert and Trever Feathers over the first eight laps in a nose to tail battle before the trio raced three-wide for the lead.

Feathers settled into the lead with Eckert in tow by the fourteenth circuit, and began to stretch his lead while lapping traffic until a caution flag unfurled on Lap 22 for the stopped car of Dylan Yoder.

On the restart, Eckert was all over the rear of Feathers and made the pass for the lead on Lap 25. By this point, Mason Zeigler worked his way up into the mix and got by Feathers for the runner-up spot on Lap 29.

That was as far as anyone else could get as Eckert pulled away to over half a straightaway lead over Zeigler, and he went the rest of the way to claim his spot in victory lane.

“Yeah, that’s fun. You know, everybody was doing a good job running their own line and this race track widened out beautiful to where it was multi-lanes and we could just cross over a lane and luckily it was that wide because I needed all of it to make any time with the way I had my car. I really need to work on a bit, but we’ll take it.” Eckert said.

Crossing the line in the top five behind Eckert and Zeigler at the finish were Jason Covert, Feathers, and Jeff Rine.

In the Pure Stock division, racing under an open competition/home track rules format, it was Craig Parrill defending the home turf against the outsiders, taking his third feature win of the season. Parrill pulled away from Sean Dawson over the second half of the 15 lap feature event.

Following the top pair and completing the top five at the checkers were Keith Koontz, Brandon Churchey, and Greg Hainsey.

Notes: Eckert flirted with the track record of Dan Stone’s 17.90 set a few years ago. It was impressive due to time trials limited to a single lap, and his late draw for his time trial attempt.

Kyle Hardy was back in the Shawn Martin No.3v after a driving stint in the Indiana-based Jim Beeman No.99. Hardy won the first of two B-Mains, and finished 16th in the feature.

Gary Stuhler, who has been dominant all season at Hagerstown, squeaked into the show and claimed the final qualifying spot in the second B-main. He went on to record a 14th place finish in the feature.

Tyler Hershey was the hard charger winner, moving up to finish 10th from his 22nd place start.

Feature Results

Super Late Models- 1. Rick Eckert, 2. Mason Zeigler, 3. Jason Covert, 4. Trever Feathers, 5. Jeff Rine, 6. Austin Hubbard, 7. Walker Arthur, 8. Kenny Pettyjohn, 9. Marvin Winters, 10. Tyler Hershey, 11. Roy Deese,Jr., 12. Bryan Bernheisel, 13. Matt Cosner, 14. Gary Stuhler, 15. Gene Knaub, 16. Kyle Hardy, 17. Kyle Lee, 18. Jared Miley, 19. Waylon Wagner, 20. Mike Lupfer, 21. Nick Dickson, 22. Chad Hollenbeck, 23. Dylan Yoder, 24. Dan Stone, 25. Andy Fries


Pure Stocks – 1. Craig Parrill, 2. Sean Dawson, 3. Keith Koontz, 4. Brandon Churchey, 5. Greg Hainsey, 6. Michael Warrenfeltz, 7. Tony Catlett, 8. Ed Pope, 9. Shane Wilt, 10. Wayne Dutterer, 11. Frank DiBella, 12. Nick DiBella, 13. Brian Swiger, 14. Dickie Tharp, 15. Jamie Zentmyer, 16. Davey Gross, Jr.

Winters Takes 1st Hagerstown SLM Win of Season Beard, Parill, and Rutherford each score second wins



HAGERSTOWN, MD – On a cool late spring evening, Marvin Winters emerged victorious on Student and Armed Forces Appreciation Night in the non-stop 25 lap Thomas Automotive Super Late Model feature event at Hagerstown Speedway.

Winters powered from his third place start past leader Brian Tavenner on Lap 4, and Trever Feathers quickly followed in second position.

The frontrunners checked out to a straightaway lead over Tavenner and Kyle Lee before encountering lapped traffic with ten laps remaining.

Winters used the traffic to his advantage, and was able to add some distance over Feathers. Lee got around Tavenner for third, and closed in on Feathers.

Winters drove on to a 3.8 second lead in his Tex Shaffer No.46 Ford at the checkered flag. Feathers, Lee, Tavenner, and Tyler Hershey completed the top five.

In his victory lane interview, Winters said: “When I ran up on the lapped cars, my car got a little loose. I’m just trying to stay ahead of whoever was behind me.”

The win for Winters was his 33rd career SLM win, and his 97th overall win at Hagerstown.

The 20 lap Late Model Sportsman feature got off to wild start following an initial restart when pole sitter John Rowland spun in front of the field in turn one. His car emerged unscathed, but he elected to sit out the remainder of the feature.

Kyle Lear inherited the pole position on the ensuing restart, and began to make his charge toward what appeared to be another feature win.  A few more restarts were the only thing that slowed Lear’s pace through the early laps.

But with seven laps to go, Bobby Beard caught and passed Lear for the lead. Lear fell off pace with engine woes before a multi-car pileup brought out another caution with just four laps remaining.

The thirty-minute time limit brought the feature to a premature finish, and gave Beard his 2nd LMS feature win of the season. Beard dedicated his win to the memory of the recent passing of Sprint Car owner Jim Walker.

Following Beard in second place at the finish was Paul Cursey, Jr. Third went to Alan Sagi, fourth went Sean Merkel , and fifth place went to Eric Hohol.

Craig Parrill picked up his second 15 lap Pure Stock win of the season, pulling away from the challenges of Keith Koontz and Sean Dawson as they battled for second place. They were followed by Brandon Churchey, who came from the rear following an earlier caution, and fifth place finisher Wayne Hawbaker.

Wrapping up the feature races was the Hobby Stock division, and it was Dylan Rutherford taking his second checkered flag of the season. Rutherford pulled away from second place finisher and early race leader Bryan Neff, Jamie Mills, James Speelman, and Jeff Dillon.

Finally, the ever-entertaining Thompson’s Towing 4 Cylinder Demolition Derby was won by Amy Johnson.

Feature Results

Super Late Model –  1.Marvin Winters, 2. Trever Feathers, 3. Kyle Lee, 4. Brian Tavenner, 5. Tyler Hershey, 6. Brad Omps, 7. Walker Arthur, 8. Kyle Hardy, 9. Kenny Moreland, 10. Roy Deese, Jr., 11. Glenn Elliott, 12. Reese Masiello, 13. D.J. Myers, 14. Andy Fries, 15. Rodney Walls, 16. Devin Friese, 17. Kirk Baker, 18. Ryan Walls, 19. Gene Knaub

Late Model Sportsman – 1.Bobby Beard, 2. Paul Cursey, Jr., 3.Alan Sagi, 4.Sean Merkel,  5.Eric Hohol, 6. Ryan Walls,  7.Joe Westerman, Jr., 8. Elwood Sord, 9.Curtis Dunn, 10. Kyle Lear, 11. Matt Murphy, 12. Ronnie Bottenfield, 13. Kurt Zimmerman, 14. Frankie Gordon,  15.Jason Sarver,  16.Justin Jesmer, 17.Michael Walls, 18. Tyler Emory, 19. John Rowland, 20. Jason Nace, DNS- Randy Schaeffer

Pure Stock – 1.Craig Parrill, 2. Keith Koontz, 3. Sean Dawson, 4. Brandon Churchey, 5. Wayne Hawbaker, 6. Doug Hoffman, 7. Nick DiBella, 8.Tom Wakefield, 9. Joshua Bloom, 10. Brian Swiger, 11. Danny Beavers, 12. William Crook, 13. Shane Wilt, 14. Jamie Zentmyer, 15. Charles Stambaugh, 16. Tony Daniels, 17. Jeremy Mills, 18. Jimmy Iser, 19. Frank DiBella, DNS- Marshall McMullen

Hobby Stock – 1.Dylan Rutherford, 2. Bryan Neff, 3. Jamie Mills, 4. James Speelman, 5. Jeff Dillon, 6. Davey Gross, Jr., 7. John Catlett, 8. Willie Ling, 9. Brian Ringer, DNS- Dustin Proctor, Ralph Hansberger DQ- Matt Wampler

Demo Derby – 1. Amy Johnson, 2. Tyler Fisher, 3. Kevin Swope, 4. Joe Greathouse, 5. Scott Grosh, 6. Dennis Biden, 7. Paul Armstrong

Hubbard invades Hagerstown for SLM Victory

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Mother Nature was denied the win on Saturday night as Austin Hubbard made the tow from Delaware to Hagerstown Speedway pay off by taking the win in the 25 Lap Super Late Model feature event.

Overnight and early morning rains threatened to put a damper on racing activity that saw most tracks in the region cancel. The decision to race was good as the track once again produced some excellent racing throughout the entire night.

Hubbard started sixth and quickly made his charge to the front. Following a quick caution for Scott Palmer, Hubbard powered by Andy Fries on the restart and proceeded to pull away from the field.

Hubbard used the heavy cushion for most of the race on a track that yielded some three-wide racing for much of the distance. While Hubbard was leading, Andy Anderson and Kyle Lee waged a battled for second place, and began to run Hubbard down as he encountered lapped traffic.

Anderson closed the gap with a couple of laps to go, but didn’t quite have the speed or laps he needed to take away the win. It was Hubbard’s first career SLM win at Hagerstown.

Anderson was closely followed by Lee at the finish, while Gary Stuhler and D.J. Myers completed the top five.

Sean Dawson picked up his first Pure Stock win of the 2017 season. Dawson led from start to finish while holding off the challenges of Keith Koontz, until Koontz blew a tire with just three laps to go. Dawson fended off Scotty Nelson the remainder of the way to score the victory.

Nelson was followed by fellow top five finishers Dwayne Snyder in a career best run, Jamie Zentmyer, and Brandon Churchey in his season debut.

Allen Brannon took the lead from the start of the Crate Late Model feature, withstood several caution flags and the challenges of Kyle Lee, whom was pulling double-duty behind the wheel of the Nichols No.75.

Brannon was too strong for Lee and the competition as he went to record his first CLM win of the season at Hagerstown.

Lee finished second, while Mike Franklin, eleventh-place starter Transton Stoner, and Tim Fedder rounded out the top five.

Kyle Lear continued to flex his muscle in the Late Model Sportsman division, picking up his 3rd win of the season. He started fourth on the grid and only needed one lap to pass Rance Garlock for the lead. From that point on, Lear never looked back.

Lear was followed by last week’s winner and seventeenth-place starter Shaun Jones, Garlock, Eric Irvin, and Paul Cursey at the finish.

Jamie Mills wired the Hobby Stock competition from green to checkered flag to take his first win of the season.  Last week’s winner Dylan Rutherford was second, followed by a season best finish for Willie Ling in third, while Davey Gross, Jr., and John Catlett rounded out the top five.

We thank all of the racers and fans for their support on a day that didn’t look very promising for racing in the morning and early afternoon. Big thanks also goes out to the speedway track prep crew for a magnificent job on the task performed because of the weather.

Next week, racing takes off at the Hagerstown Speedway for the annual Bonanza Extravagana. Racing returns on May 20 with our regular classes on Student Night/Armed Forces Appreciation Night, and a 4 Cylinder Demolition Derby.

Feature Results

Super Late Models – 1. Austin Hubbard, 2. Andy Anderson, 3. Kyle Lee, 4. Gary Stuhler, 5. D.J. Myers, 6. Kyle Hardy, 7. Trever Feathers, 8. Marvin Winters, 9. Brian Booze, 10. Glenn Elliott, 11. Reese Masiello, 12. Rodney Walls, 13. Brad Omps, 14. Chad Myers, 15. Jason Miller, 16. Roy Deese, Jr., 17. Kirk Baker, 18. Andy Fries, 19. Scott Palmer, 20. Tommy Armel , DNS- Jonathan DeHaven

Late Model Sportsman – 1. Kyle Lear, 2. Shaun Jones, 3. Rance Garlock, 4. Eric Irvin, 5. Paul Cursey, Jr., 6. Robbie Black, 7. Alan Sagi, 8. Bobby Beard, 9. Ryan Walls, 10. Michael Walls, 11. Derick Quade, 12. Matt Murphy, 13. Dale Murphy, 14. Kenneth Yoder, 15. Justin Jesmer, 16. John Rowland, 17. Ronnie Bottenfield, 18. Dillan Stake, 19. Frankie Gordon, 20. Joe Westerman, Jr., DNS- Kurt Zimmerman

Crate Late Models- 1. Allen Brannon, 2. Kyle Lee, 3. Mike Franklin, 4. Transtan Stoner, 5. Tim Fedder, 6. Joe Moyer, 7. Richard Hawkins, 8. Levi Crowl, 9. Scott Sweeney, 10. Harry Shipe III, 11. Dave Friedrich, 12. Steve Lowery, 13. Jennae Piper, 14. Jake Piper, 15. Dillan Stake, 16. Lindsey Barton, 17. Bryan Benton, DNS- Timmy Booth

Pure Stocks – 1. Sean Dawson, 2. Scotty Nelson, 3. Dwayne Snyder, 4. Jamie Zentmyer, 5. Brandon Churchey, 6. Wayne Hawbaker, 7. Shane Wilt, 8. Nick DiBella, 9. Brian Swiger, 10. Frank DiBella, 11. William Crook, 12. Keith Koontz, DNS- Craig Parrill

Hobby Stocks – 1. Jamie Mills, 2. Dylan Rutherford, 3. Willie Ling, 4. Davey Gross, Jr., 5. John Catlett, 6. Bryan Neff, 7. Dustin Proctor, 8. Ralph Hansberger, 9. Matt Wampler, 10. James Speelman, 11. Rodney Miner

Stuhler Awesome in Hagerstown/Bedford Challenge Win

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Gary Stuhler came from ninth place in an awesome performance to win the second leg of the Hagerstown/Bedford Challenge at Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday night. It was the 3rd Super Late Model win of the season, and his record-extending 138th career win at the Hub City Oval.

As he has done all season, Stuhler found the low groove to be the fastest way around in his Glenn Elliott-owned No. 55.

D.J. Myers led from the start, battling Tyler Hershey in the early stages before settling into the top spot. Meanwhile, Stuhler was making his charge to the front, and was in second place before a caution came out with ten laps remaining.

Myers and Stuhler raced side-by-side, and swapped the lead several times before Stuhler took the top spot with two laps to go. Myers valiantly tried to get the win, but fell a little more than a car length short.

Andy Anderson had a strong run to finish third, while Kyle Lee finished fourth, and Matt Cosner was fifth at the checkered flag.

The victor in the 20 lap Late Model Sportsman portion of the Hagerstown/Bedford Challenge went home with Shaun Jones in his first appearance of the 2017 season. Jones, in his No. 32j, took over the lead from “The Captain” Ralph Morgan after a Lap 6 restart, when Morgan chose the top line. Jones went low off of turn two for the lead, and pulled away to pick up the checkered flag.

Morgan held on to second, followed by two-time winner Kyle Lear, Michael Walls, and Eric Irvin.

2012 Pure Stock track champion Tony Catlett found his way back to victory lane in his No. 6c Ford after a lengthy absence from the speedway. Catlett fended off the challenges of Keith Koontz throughout the 15 lap feature to win by half a car length.

The tandem was closely followed by Sean Dawson in third, while Wayne Hawbaker and Dwayne Snyder completed the top five.

In their first appearance of the 2017 season, the Mid Atlantic Modifieds brought their largest field of the season to Hagerstown with 24 E-Mods in the pit area for their 15 lap contest.

Mike Potosky quickly drove around veteran driver Jim Bernheisel for the lead, and held off a late race charge from Chris Arnold to score the win.  Bernheisel was third, Carl McKinney finished fourth, while Rick Hulson finished fifth.

Rounding out the night in the Hobby Stock division saw Dylan Rutherford hold off Davey Gross, Jr. to score his first triumph of the season. Jamie Mills, Dustin Proctor, and Jeff Dillon rounded out the top five.

Coming up on May 5 will be a regular show plus Crate Late Models. Gates open at 5pm, and racing begins at 7pm. Admission is $15 for the grandstands, kids 12 and under are free, and $30 for the pits.

Feature Results

Super Late Models –  1. Gary Stuhler, 2. D.J. Myers,  3. Andy Anderson, 4. Kyle Lee, 5. Matt Cosner, 6. Roy Deese, Jr., 7. Tyler Hershey, 8. Marvin Winters, 9. Andy Fries, 10. Bryan Bernheisel, 11. Scott Palmer, 12. Brian Tavenner, 13. Reese Masiello, 14. Kirk Baker,  15. Rodney Walls,  16. Alan Sagi

Late Model Sportsman- 1. Shaun Jones, 2. Ralph Morgan, 3. Kyle Lear, 4. Michael Walls, 5. Eric Irvin, 6. Paul Cursey, Jr., 7. Robbie Black, 8. Bruce Kane, 9. Alan Sagi, 10. Devin Frey, 11. Brad McGinnis, 12. James Lichliter, 13. Chris Ebersole, 14. Dale Murphy, 15. Dave Friedrich, 16. John Rowland, 17. Kenneth Yoder, 18. Justin Jesmer, 19. Elwood Sord, 20. Joe Westerman, Jr., 21. Bobby Beard, 22. Eric Hohol, 23. Cody Kershner, 24. Eddie Cornett, 25. Ronnie Bottenfield, 26. Derick Quade, DNS- Cam Zeigler

Pure Stocks – 1. Tony Catlett, 2. Keith Koontz, 3. Sean Dawson, 4. Wayne Hawbaker, 5. Dwayne Snyder, 6. Joshua Bloom, 7. Ed Pope, 8. William Crook, 9. Frank DiBella, 10. Nick DiBella, 11. Shane Wilt, 12. Jeremy Mills, 13. Brian Swiger, DNS- Craig Parrill, Jamie Zentmeyer, Randy Wible

Hobby Stocks – 1. Dylan Rutherford, 2. Davey Gross, Jr., 3. Jamie Mills, 4. Dustin Proctor, 5. Jeff Dillon, 6. Ralph Hansberger, 7. James Speelman, 8. Matt Wampler, 9. Willie Ling, 10. Danny Holmes, 11. Bryan Neff, 12. Rodney Miner

Mid Atlantic Modifieds- 1. Mike Potosky, 2. Chris Arnold, 3. Jim Berneheisel, 4. Carl McKinney, 5. Rick Hulson, 6. Chris Fletcher, 7. Brad Kling, 8. Mike Reynolds, 9. Mark Jones, 10. Ray Kable, 11. Justin Cullum, 12. Hunter Nester, 13. Josh Roberson, 14. Bryan Green, 15. James Sparks, 16. Tim Schulte, 17. Keith Reed, 18. Haley Kaiser, 19. Alyssa Rowe, 20. Ray Ciccarelli, 21. Rich Goodman, 22. Josh Hughes  DNS-Quintin Hankla, Jimmy Jesmer


About Hagerstown Speedway-Hagerstown Speedway is located 6 miles west of Hagerstown, Maryland off of U.S. Route 40. The track is easily accessible from Interstates 70 and 81. The track owner is Frank Plessinger. The speedway promoter is Doug Timmons and the general manager is Lisa Plessinger. Track information and updates can be found online at, and on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. For more information, e-mail or call the speedway office at (301)-582-0640.

Marketing partners of Hagerstown Speedway include: Hamilton Nissan, Hafer’s Gunsmithing, Bullrider Race Cars, Thomas All Things Automotive, D&D Auto Recycling,, and FirstEnergy Corporation.