Feathers Flies to Hagerstown SLM Feature Win

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Trever Feathers flew from his pole position start to dominate the 25 lap Thomas All Things Automotive Super Late Model feature event on Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway.

The third-generation racer from Winchester, Virginia drove his North River Farms No.20 Barry Wright Race Cars entry to a 7.655 second lead at the finish over Andy Anderson.

Feathers navigated through lapped traffic with ease and was able to keep his competition at bay without any contention.

Anderson used the top side of turn two to power by Gary Stuhler for the runner up spot with just two laps remaining. Stuhler held onto third, followed by a nice run by Rodney Walls in fourth, and Kenny Moreland rounded out the top five.

Feathers said: “Yeah, I mean this Barry Wright Icon has been pretty unbelievable since we brought it out the first week. We actually haven’t changed much, did a lot of work when we got the car and made sure everything was perfect before we got here.”

In Crate Late Model action, it was veteran driver Allen Brannon taking the checkered flag in the 20 lap CLM feature event. Brannon battled early race leader Transtan Stoner on the top groove with for several laps before settling into the top spot. Stoner held onto second, while Clinton Hersh, Gunnar Kerr, and Lindsay Barton completed the top five.

Craig Parrill drove to his fourth Pure Stock win of the 2017 season. Parrill had close to a straightaway advantage at the finish line over Sean Dawson, last week’s winner Brandon Churchey, Michael Warrenfeltz, and fifth place finisher Wayne Hawbaker.

Tyler Emory wired the field in the Late Model Sportsman feature to score his first career win at the Hub City oval. Emory held off a fast-closing Kyle Lear through lapped traffic at the conclusion of the 20 lap feature event to pick up the victory. Lear settled for second, while Justin Weaver, Alan Sagi, and Barry Miller finished in the top five.

Dylan Rutherford picked up his third Hobby Stock win of the season. He was followed by Jonathan Raley, Jamie Mills, Jeff Dillon, and Davey Gross, Jr. at the finish.

Feature Results:

Super Late Model – 1. Trever Feathers, 2. Andy Anderson, 3. Gary Stuhler, 4. Rodney Walls,  5. Kenny Moreland, 6. Marvin Winters, 7. Kyle Lee, 8. Jason Miller, 9. Reese Masiello, 10. Brad Omps, 11. Matt Parks, 12. Roy Deese, Jr., 13. D.J. Myers, 14. Chad Myers, 15. Brian Tavenner, 16. Kirk Baker, 17. Steve Gibney, 18. Travis Stickley, 19. Randy Burkholder, 20. Scott Palmer

Late Model Sportsman – 1. Tyler Emory, 2. Kyle Lear, 3. Justin Weaver, 4. Alan Sagi, 5. Barry Miller, 6. Craig Smith, 7. Paul Cursey,Jr., 8. James Lichliter,9. Frankie Gordon, 10. Kurt Zimmerman, 11. Ronnie Bottenfield, 12. Michael Walls, 13. Justin Jesmer, 14. Dale Murphy, 15. John Rowland, 16. Joe Westerman, Jr., 17. Eddie Cornett, 18. Larry Neiderer, 19. Bruce Kane, 20. Kris Holliday

Pure Stock – 1. Craig Parrill, 2. Sean Dawson, 3. Brandon Churchey, 4. Michael Warrenfeltz, 5. Wayne Hawbaker, 6. Jamie Zentmyer, 7. Nick DiBella, 8. William Crook, 9. Ed Pope, 10. Brian Swiger, 11. Shane Wilt, 12. Frank DiBella, 13. Jeremy Mills, 14. Dwayne Snyder, 15. Tom Wakefield

Hobby Stock – 1. Dylan Rutherford, 2. Jonathan Raley, 3. Jamie Mills, 4. Jeff Dillon, 5. Davey Gross, Jr., 6. Ralph Hansberger, 7. Willie Ling, 8. Rodney Miner, 9. John Catlett, 10. Bryan Neff

Crate Late Model – 1. Allen Brannon, 2. Transtan Stoner, 3. Clinton Hersh,  4. Gunnar Kerr, 5. Lindsay Barton, 6.Mike Franklin, 7. Levi Crowl, 8. Brian Luttrell, 9. Zach Price, 10. Timmy Booth, 11. Cory Lawler, 12. Steve Lowery