Feathers Victorious in Frank Sagi Tribute at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – On a night when many legendary former drivers and car owners came out to Hagerstown Speedway to pay homage to the late Frank Sagi, a youthful Trever Feathers parked his No.20 machine in the winner’s circle for the second time this season in the 25 lap Super Late Model feature at Hagerstown Speedway.

The 24 year old from Winchester, Virginia rocketed from his fourth place start following an early restart to take the lead away from Bryan Bernheisel. Feathers remained in control of the top spot with last week’s winner Andy Anderson chasing him for the lead.

Feathers hit traffic on lap 11, and Anderson closed the gap some, but Feathers was able to keep Anderson at bay as he navigated through the traffic, and went on his way to the win.

In his winner’s interview with Danny Wilson, Feathers said: “You know, these guys spend a bunch of money on motors, and there’s Roger (Devenny) down in Staunton, Virginia that builds amazing power, but all my guys that come in there and spend their hard earned time and hard earned money to go racing with us, it’s amazing what we’ve been able to do so far.”

Anderson held on to second, while Bryan Bernheisel, Kyle Hardy, and Kenny Moreland completed the top five spots.

Bryan Bernheisel drove his No.119 BRC Lazer Chassis to the 20 lap Late Model Sportsman feature win. Bernheisel survived two multi-car pileups before the first lap was completed, and another caution following the first lap before moving up from his fourth place start to move around pole sitter Derick Quade to take the lead.

Bernheisel came into traffic around the halfway point, and that allowed Quade and Barry Miller to close in. As they maneuvered through the back of the field, Miller moved around Quade, then closed in on Bernheisel before the final caution waved with just four laps to go.

Bernheisel got a trememdous restart on Miller, and pulled away to the victory. Following Bernheisel and Miller was third place finisher Alan Sagi, Kyle Lear, and fifth-place finisher Quade.

Craig Parrill was victorious for the fifth consecutive race in the 15 lap Pure Stock feature event. Parrill started ninth, buzz sawed his way through the field, and passed race-long leader Brandon Churchey up on the high side with just four laps to go.

A caution a lap later setup a restart, but Parrill was able to drive away from Churchey to take the checkered flag. Frank DiBella was third, Sean Dawson was fourth, and Danny Atherton finished fifth.

Dylan Rutherford appeared to pick up his fourth Hobby Stock win of the 2017 season, as he led all 15 laps, but he was disqualified after the race. That handed the win to Davey Gross, Jr for his second win of the season.

James Speelman was credited with second, while Jamie Mills, Jeff Dillon, and Joe Rodgers rounded out the top five.

Notes:  A special thanks goes out to Alan Sagi for his tireless efforts and everyone else involved who promoted this grand night of racing. Many thanks go out to all of the racers, fans, sponsors, and former drivers and car owners, along with all of our current competitors that made this a grand event.

Thanks also go to promoter Doug Timmons for electing to bypass consolation races and start all cars in each feature event.

Bryan Bernheisel pulled double duty in racing two cars in both the SLM and LMS divisions. It was a good night with a win in the LMS feature and a third place run in the SLM.

Craig Parrill is in another zip code against the Pure Stock competition right now. Five straight wins, and six overall, yet he still follows point leader Sean Dawson.

Davey Gross, Jr. was very gracious in his winner’s interview. He’s a driver who is really passionate about racing, and wants to see the future of racing grow.

Feature Results:

Super Late Model – 1. Trever Feathers,  2. Andy Anderson, 3.Bryan Bernheisel, 4.Kyle Hardy, 5. Kenny Moreland,  6. 2T-Kyle Lee, 7.Marvin WInters, 8. Scott Palmer, 9. Gary Stuhler, 10. Reese Masiello,  11. Brian Booze, 12.Matt Cosner, 13. Roy Deese Jr., 14. Steve Axtell Jr., 15.Brian Tavenner, 16.Brad Omps, 17.Rodney Walls, 18. Tyler Emory, 19. Kirk Baker, 20. Matt Sponaugle, 21. Ryan Walls, 22. Devin Friese, 23. Mike Steck, 24. D.J. Myers,  25. Gene Knaub

Late Model Sportsman – 1.Bryan Bernheisel, 2. Barry Miller, 3. Alan Sagi, 4. Kyle Lear, 5. Derick Quade, 6.Justin Weaver, 7. James Lichliter, 8. Paul Cursey, Jr., 9. Donnie Farling, 10. Devin Hart, 11. Ryan Walls, 12. Andrew Yoder, 13. Curtis Dunn, 14. Kenneth Yoder, 15. Craig Smith, 16. Joe Westerman, Jr., 17. Bruce Kane, 18. Larry Neiderer, 19. John Rowland, 20. Johnny Oliver, 21. Justin Dillman, 22. Dale Murphy, 23. Kurt Zimmerman, 24. Justin Jesmer, 25. Taylor Farling,  26.Michael Walls, 27. Davey Dunkle, DNS- Ronnie Bottenfield

Pure Stock – 1.Craig Parrill, 2. Brandon Churchey, 3. Frank DiBella, 4.Sean Dawson, 5. Danny Atherton, 6. Drew Fitzsimmons, 7. Wayne Hawbaker,  8.Ed Pope, 9.Bryan Kerns, 10. Jesse Snyder, 11. Doug Hoffman, 12. Shane Wilt, 13.Brian Swiger, 14. Travis Calhoun, 15. Dwayne Snyder, 16. Jeremy Mills, 17. Marshall McMullen, 18. Earl Brown, 19. William Crook, 20. Nick DiBella, 21. Dickie Tharp

Hobby Stock – 1. Dylan Rutherford, 2. Davey Gross Jr.,3. James Speelman,4. Jamie Mills, 5. Jeff Dillon, 6. Joe Rodgers, 7. John Catlett, 8. Greg Mattingly,  9. Willie Ling, 10. Jonathan Raley,  11. Ralph Hansberger, 12. Rodney Miner, (DNS) Mike Fuller