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Myers strong in Super Late Model victory at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – D.J. Myers worked his way up to the front of the Super Late Model field, and powered his way to the checkered flag in the 25 Lap Super Late Model main event at Hagerstown Speedway.

Myers made his way from sixth on the grid to get by pole starter Chad McClellan on the tenth lap, and then survived a double-file restart following a Lap 15 caution. Myers checked out from the competition the rest of the way to record his first win of 2017, and his 17th career win at the Hub City oval.

Myers was followed by McClellan, Roy Deese, Jr., Marvin Winters, and opening night winner Gary Stuhler at the finish.

Bobby Beard thwarted off the challenges of last week’s winner Kyle Lear after an early race restart to pull away towards his first Late Model Sportsman win of the season.  It was Beard’s sixth career LMS victory at Hagerstown.

Lear held on to finish second, followed by Barry Miller, Robbie Black, and Alan Sagi in the top five.

The Hobby Stock feature had a competitive battle for the lead throughout the 15 lap distance, and it was Davey Gross, Jr. passing race long leader Bryan Neff with three laps to go to pick up his first career win.

Neff finished second, while Shawn Shoemaker, Dustin Proctor, and Ralph Hansberger completed the top five.

Jamie Zentmyer recorded his second straight Pure Stock feature win. He was followed by runner-up Nick Dibella, Sean Dawson, Keith Koontz, and Frank DiBella.

This coming weekend on April 15 is the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series guaranteed qualifier for Super Late Models, and the ARCH Easter Egg Hunt for kids. Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, and Hobby Stocks round out the card. General admission is $15, and pit admission is $30.

The egg hunt commences at 3pm, and race time is set to begin at 7pm.

Feature Results

Super Late Model – 1. D.J. Myers,  2. Chad McClellan,  3. Roy Deese, Jr., 4. Marvin Winters, 5. Gary Stuhler, 6. Scott Palmer, 7. Kyle Lee, 8. Rodney Walls, 9. Brad Omps, 10. Reese Masiello, 11. Andy Anderson, 12. Ronnie DeHaven, Jr., 13. Dan Angelicchio, 14. Tom Decker III, 15. Tom Decker, Jr., 16. Brian Tavenner, 17. Kirk Baker, DNS- Darin Helman

Late Model Sportsman – 1. Bobby Beard, 2. Kyle Lear, 3. Barry Miller, 4. Robbie Black, 5. Alan Sagi, 6. James Lichliter, 7. Brad McGinnis, 8. Cody Kershner, 9. Ralph Morgan, Jr., 10. Michael Walls,  11. Devin Frey, 12. Chris Ebersole, 13. Devin Weyandt, 14. Donnie Farling, 15. Ronnie Bottenfield, 16. Cam Zeigler, 17. Joe Westerman, Jr., 18. Dale Murphy, 19. Larry Neiderer, 20. Eddie Cornett, 21. Justin Jesmer, 22. Elwood Sord, 23. Jacob Burdette, 24. John Rowland, DNS- Chaz Walls, Sr., Clinton Hersh, Paul Cursey, Jr.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Davey Gross, Jr., 2. Bryan Neff, 3. Shawn Shoemaker, 4. Dustin Proctor, 5. Ralph Hansberger, 6. Matt Wampler, 7. Willie Ling, 8. Joe Rodgers, 9. James Speelman, 10. James Mongan, Sr., 11. Jonathan Raley,  12. Jamie Mills

Pure Stocks – 1. Jamie Zentmyer, 2. Nick DiBella, 3. Sean Dawson, 4. Keith Koontz, 5. Frank DiBella, 6. Craig Parrill, 7. Dwayne Snyder, 8. Shane Wilt, 9. Brian Swiger, 10. Jeremy Mills, 11. Tony Daniels, DNS- Rick Stouffer


About Hagerstown Speedway-Hagerstown Speedway is located 6 miles west of Hagerstown, Maryland off of U.S. Route 40. The track is easily accessible from Interstates 70 and 81. The speedway promoter is Doug Timmons and the general manager is Lisa Plessinger. Track information and updates can be found online at, and on our official Facebook and Twitter pages. For more information, e-mail or call the speedway office at (301)-582-0640.

Marketing partners of Hagerstown Speedway include: Hamilton Nissan, Hafer’s Gunsmithing, Bullrider Race Cars, Thomas All Things Automotive, D&D Auto Recycling,, and FirstEnergy Corporation.

Stuhler wins 70th Anniversary opener at Hagerstown Speedway

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Veteran driver Gary Stuhler knows his way to Victory Lane at Hagerstown Speedway. The Greencastle, PA ace is the winningest driver in Hagerstown Speedway history, and he added one more to his illustrious career. Stuhler drove his Glenn Elliott-owned No.55 Black Diamond chassis from a sixth-place start to score his 135th Super Late Model win at the Hub City oval with a pass over race-long leader Brian Tavenner at the halfway mark.

Stuhler pulled away over the final ten circuits of the 25 Lap main event to win in convincing fashion over runner-up Tavenner, defending track champion Scott Palmer, Kenny Moreland, and Jason Covert.

Stuhler’s win also automatically qualifies him for Bedford Speedway’s 81st anniversary program in July.

In Crate Late Model action, Logan Roberson powered past leader Allen Brannon with six laps to go to grab the feature win. Brannon held on to second, while Mike Franklin, Steve Lowery, and Transtan Stoner completed the top five. It was the 2nd overall win of the season for the youthful racer from Waynesboro, VA.

Kyle Lear dominated the competition in his heat race, and in the Late Model Sportsman feature to record his first win of 2017. He was followed distantly by Bobby Beard, Alan Sagi, Cam Zeigler, and Barry Miller.

Jamie Zentmyer took the lead from Keith Koontz on the fourth lap, and never looked back to record his first Pure Stock win of the season. Zentmyer was followed by Sean Dawson, Koontz, Nick DiBella, and Craig Parrill.

Wrapping up the night was the Hobby Stock feature, and Dustin Proctor took the victors.

Hagerstown Speedway presents a regular show on April 8, with Super Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, and Hobby Stocks. The racing action will begin at 7pm. General admission is $15, kids age 12 and under are free, and pit admission is $30.

Feature Results

Super Late Model –  1. Gary Stuhler, 2. Brian Tavenner, 3. Scott Palmer 4. Kenny Moreland, 5. Jason Covert, 6. Matt Cosner, 7. Marvin Winters, 8.Chad McClellan, 9. Roy Deese, Jr., 10. Kyle Lee, 11. Bryan Bernheisel, 12. Michael Lake, 13. Brian Booze, 14. D.J. Myers, 15. Rodney Walls, 16. Matt Sponaugle, 17. Chuck Clise, 18. Glenn Elliott, 19. Reese Masiello, 20. Tyler Emory, 21. Tyler Horst, 22. Greg Roberson, 23. Mason Zeigler

Late Model Sportsman– 1. Kyle Lear, 2. Bobby Beard, 3. Alan Sagi, 4. Cam Zeigler, 5. Barry Miller, 6. Michael Walls, 7. Chaz Walls, Sr., 8. Joe Westerman, 9. Ronnie Bottenfield, 10. Kurt Zimmerman, 11. Chris Ebersole, 12. Paul Cursey, Jr., 13. Eddie Cornett, 14. Dale Murphy, 15. Elwood Sord, 16. Justin Jesmer, 17. John Rowland, 18. Cody Kershner, 19. Ryan Walls, 20. Jason Sarver

Crate Late Models – 1. Logan Roberson, 2. Allen Brannon, 3. Mike Franklin, 4. Steve Lowery, 5. Transtan Stoner, 6. Michael Duritsky, 7. Lindsey Barton, 8. Darren Alvey, 9. Matt Glanden, 10. Devin Brannon, 11. Brian Luttrell, 12. Zach Price, 13. Harry Shipe III, 14. Scott Sweeney, 15. Levi Crowl

Pure Stocks- 1. Jamie Zentmyer, 2. Sean Dawson, 3. Keith Koontz, 4. Nick DiBella, 5. Craig Parrill, 6. Frank DiBella, 7. Bob Egley, 8. Dwayne Snyder, 9. Rick Stouffer, 10. Brian Swiger, 11. Shane Wilt, 12. Mike Walls, 13. Jeremy Mills, 14. William Crook

Hobby Stocks – 1. Dustin Proctor, 2. Jamie Mills, 3. Matt Wampler, 4. James Mongan, Sr. 5. Davey Gross, Jr., 6.Bryan Neff, 7. Marshall McMullen, 8. Ralph Hansberger, 9. Tyler Ritchey, 10. James Speelman, 11. Willie Ling, 12. John Catlett, 13. Jonathan Raley, 14. Billy Ecton, Jr., DNS-Joey Harrison