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Turn 5 SCN Wins to Lichliter, Zambotti, Thomas, and Campbell at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – On a night filled with hard racing, caution flags, and attrition, survival was the name of the game during the Turn 5 Turn Around Small Car Nationals at Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday night as James Lichliter, Joey Zambotti, Kevin Thomas, and Adam Campbell each took home victories in their respective divisions.

Cody Kershner led the way in the 25 lap Late Model Sportsman feature through the first 15 laps that saw cautions for a multi-car melee in turn one, a restart with multiple cars jumping positions, and a red flag for Bruce Kane after a stuck throttle sent his car straight into the turn one guardrail. Kane emerged uninjured in the hard impact, and walked away.

As the action settled down, Lichliter was racing his way through the field from the eighth spot, and had moved into second earlier, but began to pounce on Kershner’s lead in the final ten laps as Kershner hit lapped traffic. Five laps later, Kershner and Lichliter battled for the lead and with four circuits remaining, Lichliter made the winning pass up top on turn four and drove his No. 8 to his first LMS win of the 2019 season worth $1,500.

“Every time I’d go one way, there was a lapped car and I was like ‘I gotta stay on this high side’ and I knew Cody’s car handling was going away on the last green flag stretch we had. I was trying to see where I could capitalize, and finally, I got hooked up”, said Lichliter.

Kershner held on to second, followed by Chad Myers in third, Andrew Yoder in fourth, and Barry Miler finished fifth.

Joey Zambotti had to work hard and survive to keep his perfect record of Pure Stock feature wins intact as he started 16th, and took the lead on lap 6 of 20 to score his 5th win in five races.

Not only did Zambotti make it through the spins and cautions from other drivers, he had to endure three more after taking the lead from ninth-place starte, and fellow Kittanning, PA resident Bob Egley. Zambotti’s feature win was worth $750.

Egley finished second, while Dan Zechman recovered from an early race spin to finish third. Rob Nichols was fourth, and Tony Stoneberger also recovered from an early spin to crack the top five.

Kevin Thomas is also undefeated in Hobby Stock competition as he is now 4 for 4 in feature wins. He didn’t run away from the whole field as he had Brady Daniels hot on his heels for most of the 20 lapper, but he had to hold off Daniels in a one lap shootout to the finish to earn the checkered flag, and $500.

Mike Fuller, John Catlett, and Kirk Lawson rounded out the top five.

Adam Campbell closed out the night with his first U-Car win at Hagerstown worth $300. Campbell took the top spot from Matt Worley around halfway, and never looked back.

Travis Brown got around Worley before the end to grab the runner-up spot, while Robbie Carroll and Eric Boozel took home fouth and fifth, respectively.

Notes: There were 75 race teams pit side for the Turn 5 Turn Around SCN. Thanks go out to all the teams that supported this type of event that usually takes place later in the season.

Kershner, Zechman, Thomas, and Worley were guaranteed starters for the Turn 5 SCN from wins in 2018 that would have guaranteed them in the running of the SCN last October that got rained out.

Justin Weaver used an off night from the Coleman Farms No.72 Super Late Model to drive his own familiar No.2J in the LMS division. The 2018 LMS and Mason Dixon Shootout champion won his heat race and was scheduled to start outside the front row when it appeared that the car broke something in the rear end on the first pace lap ending his chance to race for the win.

Kirk Lawson made the tow from Delaware to race in Hobby Stocks with a unique, yet nostalgic looking machine featuring a 1957 Chevy Bel Air body.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 8-James Lichliter [5], 2. 43-Cody Kershner, [1] 3. 21-Chad Myers, [4]; 4. 2-Andrew Yoder, [3]; 5. 88-Barry Miller, [8]; 6. 74-Derick Quade, [11]; 7. 33K-Devin Hart, [6] 8. 86-Scott Palmer, [15]; 9. 44S-Shawn Shoemaker, [18]; 10. K20-Kadden Smith, [16]; 11. 11B-Ronnie Bottenfield, [21]; 12. 17K-Steve Kent, [23]; 13. 13-Brad McGinnis, [19]; 14. 53-Tyler Kirby, [24]; 15. 72D-Dale Murphy, [17]; 16. D34-Curtis Dunn, [22]; 17. 77S-Elwood Sord, [26]; 18. 08-Keith Koontz, [13]; 19. 99*-Rick Singleton, [20]; 20. 3-Tyler Ritchey, [9]; 21. 85-Rodney Walls, [14]; 22. 1K-Bruce Kane, [12]; 23. 2C-Steve Campbell, [10]; 24. 48W-Greg Moore, [7]; 25. 33-Gino Comi, [25]; 26. 38-Carl Biddle, [28]; 27. 39-Tom Chaffins, [27] DNS-Justin Weaver, Jonny Oliver

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti, [16]; 2. 30-Bob Egley, [9]; 3. 2-Dan Zechman, [3]; 4. 7N-Rob Nichols, [4]; 5. 12S-Tony Stoneberger, [12]; 6. 6-Wayne Hawbaker, [7]; 7. 19-Danny Atherton, [10]; 8. 31H-Greg Hainsey, [6]; 9. 55-Kevin Boyer, [15]; 10. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, [13]; 11. 34-Brian Luttrell, [5]; 12. 65-Dillon Wilson, [2]; 13. 25-Jeremy Mills, [17]; 14. 83-Bryan Kerns, [11]; 15. S7-Doug Hoffman, [1]; 16. 81F-Dylan Welsh, [18]; 17. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer, [8]; DNS- Tike Loizos

Hobby Stock – 1. 03-Kevin Thomas, [3]; 2. 76-Brady Daniels, [9]; 3. 19-Mike Fuller, [5]; 4. 45-John Catlett, [8]; 5. X-Kirk Lawson, [21]; 6. X53-Gregory Morgan, [15]; 7. 0-Jamie Mills, [1]; 8. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain, [18]; 9. 4-Chuckie Johnson, [12]; 10. 17-Don Murphy, [7]; 11. 99-Hilton Pickeral, [10]; 12. 43-Jason Sarver, [13]; 13. 141-Tom Caravello, [11]; 14. 64-William Crook, [17]; 15. 10-Drew Fertig, [4]; 16. 25-Rodney Miner, [14]; 17. 41-Sam Caravello, [16]; 18. 52-Ron Benton, [2]; 19. 11A-James Speelman, [6]; 20. 51-Seth Jones, [19] DNS -Chet Morris

U-Cars – 1. 2C-Adam Campbell, [5]; 2. 47-Travis Brown, [2]; 3. 6-Matt Worley, [1]; 4. 69-Robbie Carroll, [6]; 5. 265-Eric Boozel, [9]; 6. 2T-Tim Campbell, [3]; 7. 19-Tim Raup, [7]; 8. 01-Kayla Bookwalter, [8]; 9. 81-Matthew Chronister, [4]

Moore & Thomas Repeat, Jones & Kling Score Hagerstown Firsts

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Greg “Spike” Moore drove to his second straight and overall Late Model Sportsman win of the 2019 season at Hagerstown Speedway on April 20. .

As opening night winner Scott Palmer powered around pole sitter Zach Kauffman at the start, Moore moved around Kauffman into second a lap later. Palmer maintained the lead through Lap 8 until he encountered traffic and was held up by a slower car, giving Moore the opportunity to take lead away.

While Moore overtook the lead from Palmer, Barry Miller and James Lichliter battled for third. One more caution flag unfurled with just seven laps to go giving that group one more shot at the win.

Moore was able to distance himself from the group as they broke away from the rest of the field, and the Defiance, PA driver wasn’t going to be denied another trip to victory lane.

“Yeah I just kind of played it cool there because I figured maybe the track would come to me a little bit. My car was a little tight to start off with there, and I can’t say enough about my car and how it works down here. We’ve been trying stuff to get better here, and I think we got it”, said Moore.

Palmer, Miller, 14th place starter Cody Kershner, and Lichliter completed the top five.

The IMCA RaceSaver Sprint feature came to a stop almost as quickly as it started as heat race winner Jake Karklin spun in turn one, backed it into the fence, and rolled on his top. He was OK.

On the restart, Jonathan Jones of Irvona, PA powered into the lead, and pulled away from the field. But as the laps wound down, second place runner Christian Rumsey began chasing Jones around the halfway mark.

Rumsey slowly chipped away at the lead, closing the gap through traffic in the final laps, but it was not enough as Jones took the checkered flag.

Jones said: “I’m speechless. I honestly don’t know what to say. I just can’t thank everybody enough that got us here. Thanks to Hagerstown for having us; nice, smooth surface and thanks to the fans that support us.”

Following Jones and Rumsey at the finish were Drew Ritchey, Tyler Denochick, and Ryan Lynn came from 14th to finish fifth.

Brad Kling used a late-race restart with just six laps remaining to move around Carl McKinney to pick up the Mid Atlantic Modifieds feature win.  McKinney slid up a little coming to the green, allowing the former MAM champion to move underneath him and grab his first Hagerstown Speedway win of 2019.

“Well, I got in a little hot down there and I seen him (McKinney) on the top and I got a good run in the corner”, stated Kling in victory lane. Tim Fedder, Ray Kable, and Justin Cullum rounded out the top five.

Kevin Thomas drove off to his third Hobby Stock win of the season. Thomas survived a late race caution to hold off a fast-charging Brady Daniels to take victory. Billy Ecton, Jr. was third, Jamie Mills was fourth, and Mike Fuller finished fifth.

Notes: 93 total cars were pit side for the first of a few races featuring cars of the open-wheeled variety. Four distinctively different divisions were on the card giving fans a true variety to watch.

Late Model Sportsman heat race winner Tyler Ritchey competes with a car that utilizes hand controls for throttle and braking as he is paralyzed from the waist down. He finished sixth in the LMS feature event.

No winners started on the pole. Only Jones won from the front row on a night that plenty of racers were moving through the field in their respective divisions.

Feature Results

IMCA RaceSaver Sprints – 1. 12J-Jonathan Jones, [2]; 2. 1R-Christian Rumsey, [4]; 3. 880-Drew Ritchey, [8]; 4. 6L-Tyler Denochick, [1]; 5. 26-Ryan Lynn, [14]; 6. 33-Scott Lutz, [17]; 7. 46-Michael Alleman, [7]; 8. 6X-Brad Mellott, [11]; 9. 86-Ron Aurand, [3]; 10. 00S-Randy Sterling, [5]; 11. 39-Tom Humphries, [22]; 12. 31-Donnie Hendershot, [13]; 13. 6-Tony Harris, [9]; 14. 44V-Daren Bolac, [16]; 15. R6-Reed Thompson, [10]; 16. J9-Jerald Harris, [18]; 17. 90-Charlie Ware, [12]; 18. 25K-Matthew Kline, [23]; 19. 43-Chris Ware, [20]; 20. 7-Ben McCall, [21]; 21. 88-Bill Rice, [15]; 22. 5K-Jake Karklin, [6] DNS-Neil Sandridge

Mid Atlantic Modifieds – 1. 11-Brad Kling, [7]; 2. 6M-Carl McKinney, [2]; 3. 8-Tim Fedder, [5]; 4. 90-Ray Kable, [10]; 5. 95J-Justin Cullum, [6]; 6. 25-Mike Corbin, [21]; 7. 55-Alyssa Rowe, [11]; 8. 97-Mitch Thomas, [9]; 9. 5-Jerry Foster, [14]; 10. 51-Joey Polevoy, [3]; 11. 55C-Cody Oliver, [12]; 12. 21H-Kyle Lloyd, [8]; 13. 1N-Hunter Nester, [18]; 14. 41-Cody Williams,[19]; 15. 99-Bryan Green, [4]; 16. 0-Haley Kaiser, [20]; 17. 57-Ken Singer, [16]; 18. 8M-Jeffrey McCauley, [17]; 19. H20-Ridge Bookwalter, [13]; 20. 13G-David Green, [23]; 21. 086-Tracey Hichs, [24]; 22. 17-Andy Bosley, [25]; 23. 7H-Josh Hughes, [15]; 24. 80-Keith Reed, [22]; 25. 29-Douglas Ostwald  DNS-Beau Aikey

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 48W-Greg Moore, [4]; 2. 86-Scott Palmer, [2]; 3. 88-Barry Miller, [6]; 4. 43-Cody Kershner, [14]; 5. 8-James Lichliter, [3]; 6. 3-Tyler Ritchey, [5]; 7. 1K-Bruce Kane, [11]; 8. 08-Keith Koontz, [9]; 9. 000-Paul Cursey Jr., [16]; 10. 85-Rodney Walls, [12]; 11. 44S-Shawn Shoemaker, [7]; 12. 88X-Devin Weyandt, [10]; 13. 21M-Matt Murphy, [13]; 14. 08K-Zach Kauffman, [1]; 15. 52-Bryan Benton, [18]; 16. 22*-Ryan Sager, [15]; 17. 11B-Ronnie Bottenfield, [22]; 18. 53-Tyler Kirby, [21]; 19. 77S-Elwood Sord, [17]; 20. 16-Clinton Hersh, [8]; 21. 36-Sam Archer, [19]; 22. 24R-John Rowland, [20]; 23. 38-Carl Biddle, [23] DNS-Travis Wilson, Eddie Cornett

Hobby Stock – 1. 03-Kevin Thomas, [5]; 2. 76-Brady Daniels, [6]; 3. 57-William Ecton Jr., [7]; 4. 0-Jamie Mills, [8]; 5. 19-Mike Fuller, [1]; 6. 67-Billy Ecton, [4]; 7. 11A-James Speelman, [9]; 8. 10-Drew Fertig, [2]; 9. 53-Gregory Morgan, [12]; 10. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain, [14]; 11. 64-William Crook, [10]; 12. 28-Brad Umbrell, [15]; 13. 7K-Michael Knight, [11]; 14. 25-Rodney Miner, [16]; 15. 43-Jason Sarver, [13] DNS -Sam Caravello

Davenport Scores 2nd Straight LOLMDS Schetrompf Memorial at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – “Superman” Jonathan Davenport picked up the $12,000 payday in front of a packed house during the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 38th annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic at Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday night.

The 50 lap triumph was his second career win at the Hub City half-mile and the fifth LOLMDS win of the 2019 season for the series point leader. The Peltzer, South Carolina driver became the first LOLMDS repeat winner in the twelve LOLMDS races held at Hagerstown.

Davenport started on the pole, and outran Gene Knaub to the first turn to keep the lead. His advantage was quickly erased as the caution flag waved for a stopped Don O’Neal in turn four on Lap 6.

With the Delaware style restart, Davenport was all alone, but quickly had company as Jimmy Owens moved around Knaub for second position. Davenport began to distance himself from Owens until reaching traffic on the eighteenth circuit.

Owens then closed in on Davenport’s bumper on Lap 23, and was poised to make a move for the lead, until another caution waved at the halfway point of the feature event.

Following the restart, Brandon Sheppard passed Owens for the runner-up spot.  Once again, Davenport was able to pull away and reach lapped traffic by Lap 37.

In the closing laps, Davenport navigated through lapped traffic with some close encounters, but good enough to drive the No.49 to the win.

In Victory Lane with LOLMDS announcer James Essex, Davenport said “Man, I was worried there. We got really, really loose on that long green flag run when I got behind those lapped cars. Jimmy (Owens) and (Brandon) Sheppard, they reeled us in, and thank God for that caution. That really saved us. Thank all of you fans for coming out here. This is awesome. I’ve always heard about Hagerstown Speedway. I haven’t been able to get here many times, but I know it’s a very historic place”.

Following Davenport at the finish was Sheppard, Owens, Rick Eckert, and 19th-place starter Tim McCreadie finished fifth.

Joey Zambotti is now a perfect 4 for 4 in Pure Stock feature appearances and wins at Hagerstown in 2019. Zambotti started fourth, and battled 2018 Pure Stock champion Doug Hoffman side-by-side while exchanging the lead several times.

With just five laps to go in the 15 lap race, Danny Atherton came from the rear after being involved in an early race caution to make it a three car battle. Atherton got by Hoffman for second, but didn’t have enough to get by Zambotti.

Following the lead trio at the finish and rounding out the top five were Mike Desch, and Rob Nichols.

Notes:  37 SLM entered the pit area for a race that paid $1,000 to take the green flag. Kyle Bronson set overall quick time with a lap of 18.172 seconds. Kyle Hardy and Trever Feathers won the B-Mains.

Sheppard (10th to 2nd), McCreadie (19th to 5th),and Feathers (18th to 8th) each advanced numerous positions to take home solid finishes for their efforts.

17 Pure Stocks were pitside for the double point special event.

Feature Results

Super Late Models (LOLMDS) – 1. 49-Jonathan Davenport, [1]; 2. 1S-Brandon Sheppard, [10]; 3. 20-Jimmy Owens, [3]; 4. 0-Rick Eckert, [5]; 5. 39-Tim McCreadie, [19]; 6. 1-Earl Pearson Jr, [4]; 7. 14-Josh Richards, [9]; 8. 20F-Trever Feathers, [18]; 9. 1K-Gene Knaub, [2]; 10. 72C-Jason Covert, [6]; 11. 40B-Kyle Bronson, [13]; 12. 1M-Devin Moran, [15]; 13. 24-Dylan Yoder, [12]; 14. 1T-Tyler Erb, [7]; 15. 71-Hudson O’Neal, [14]; 16. 45-Jamie Lathroum, [21]; 17. 50-Shanon Buckingham, [22]; 18. 2S-Stormy Scott, [20]; 19. 36V-Kyle Hardy, [17]; 20. 1GK-Ryan King, [24]; 21. 22-Gregg Satterlee, [11]; 22. 21-Billy Moyer Jr, [8]; 23. 72W-Justin Weaver, [25]; 24. 5-Don O’Neal, [16]; 25. 12J-Jason Jameson, [23]

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti, [4]; 2. 19-Danny Atherton, [5]; 3. S7-Doug Hoffman, [2]; 4. 59-Mike Desch, [6]; 5. 7N-Rob Nichols, [8]; 6. 69-Dwayne Snyder, [3]; 7. 36A-Sam Archer, [14]; 8. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, [11]; 9. 6-Wayne Hawbaker, [9]; 10. 12S-Tony Stoneberger, [7]; 11. 81F-Dylan Welsh, [12]; 12. 47-Tike Loizos, [13]; 13. 25-Jeremy Mills, [15]; 14. 7-Brian Swiger, [16]; 15. 65-Dillon Wilson, [10]; 16. 57H-TJ Henry  DNS- Randy Zechman

Moore Scores LMS First, Zambotti & Thomas Repeat Wins at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Greg “Spike” Moore came from outside the top five within the closing laps to score his first career Late Model Sportsman win at Hagerstown Speedway on Accent Imaging/The Trophy Shop Night.

The former Pure Stock driver from Defiance, PA started ninth, and only led the final two laps of 20 including the most important one.

Shawn Shoemaker took the lead from Paul Cursey at the start, while Cody Kershner put himself into position to challenge for the lead passing Cursey on Lap 4. A caution waved a lap later, moving Kershner alongside Shoemaker on the restart.

A few laps later, Kershner moved low under Shoemaker to take the lead, and stretched it into a four second advantage while navigating through traffic by Lap 13. With just a few laps remaining, another caution was waved for Cursey, erasing Kershner’s lead.

Kershner picked the outside line on the restart, and held the lead over Shoemaker while Moore blasted around James Lichliter and Rodney Walls, then Shoemaker to move into the runner up spot.

Moore set his sights on Kershner, and then pulled alongside to just nip past the leader by inches at the white flag. Kershner made a last ditch effort to regain the lead with a slide job, but Moore was able to crossover and keep to lead to take the victory.

 “I don’t know what to say, honestly. I knew going into the final turn, he (Kershner) was going to try that and I kind of had it planned to do a crossover on him, and man I can’t say enough about this car.”, said an elated Moore after the race.

Kershner’s second place finish was followed by Shoemaker, Lichliter, and Walls.

Joey Zambotti is undefeated in Pure Stock competition at Hagerstown Speedway as he picked up his third checkered flag of the 2019 season.

The former motocross racer from Kitanning, PA started third, and powered underneath Travis Calhoun and Danny Atherton off of turn two to take the lead at the start of the 15 lap event.

Zambotti charged forward and never looked back as he stretched his lead, until a late caution gave the field shot to take the lead.

In the final three laps, defending track champion Doug Hoffman made a move from seventh to third in his bid to win, but fell short as Zambotti and Atherton led the way.

Following Zambotti, Atherton, and Hoffman to complete the top five were Calhoun and Wayne Hawbaker.

Kevin Thomas also repeated his win from last week in the 15 lap Hobby Stock feature event. Thomas took the lead away after a side-by-side battle with Billy Ecton, Sr. at the halfway point, and survived a late race restart to drive away toward his second win of 2019.

Ecton, Sr. held on to second over his son Billy Ecton, Jr. in third, Jamie Mills in fourth, and Sam Caravello finishing fifth.

Chris Cogan made a late race pass of last week’s winner Jimmy Iser, and survived a one lap shootout to take the 15 lap feature win in LaSalle Sportsman Modified action.

Cameron Campbell snared second away from Iser at the finish. Matt Wallace and Andy Swope completed the top five.

Travis Brown became the third different U-Car winner in three events, taking the 12 lap feature win after a tight battle with Tim Raup, and last week’s winner Matt Worley in the top three positions. Opening night winner Robbie Carroll, and Matt Chronister rounded out the top five.

Notes: 25 Late Model Sportsman, 15 Pure Stocks, 15 Hobby Stocks, and 10 U-Cars were pitside battling for a guaranteed spot in the Hub City 100 on June 1.

Hot laps started promptly at 6pm, and all heat races were completed by 7:15pm. The final checkered flag after the fifth feature waved shortly after 9pm.

Longtime veteran racer Jim McBee made a return behind the wheel of Doug Legum’s No.17 LMS and finished a respectable 14th.

Zambotti is using a GM 604 Crate Engine in his No.948 machine. He will return to racing regularly at Lernerville Speedway when they start their season.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 48W-Greg Moore, [9]; 2. 43-Cody Kershner, [3]; 3. 44S-Shawn Shoemaker, [2]; 4. 8-James Lichliter, [4]; 5. 85-Rodney Walls, [6]; 6. 92-Frankie Gordon, [8]; 7. 36-Sam Archer, [11]; 8. 22*-Ryan Sager, [7]; 9. 44-Dylan Lewis, [10]; 10. 86-Scott Palmer, [5]; 11. 3-Tyler Ritchey, [12]; 12. 16-Clinton Hersh, [13]; 13. 88X-Devin Weyandt, [19]; 14. 17X-Jim McBee, [14]; 15. 33-Gino Comi, [25]; 16. 77S-Elwood Sord, [18]; 17. 38-Carl Biddle, [20]; 18. 24R-John Rowland, [16]; 19. 000-Paul Cursey Jr., [1]; 20. 8H-Travis Wilson, [21]; 21. 08-Keith Koontz, [15]; 22. D34-Curtis Dunn, [22]; 23. 17F-Bradley Feight, [24] DNS-Tyler Kirby, Barry Miller

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti, [4]; 2. 19-Danny Atherton, [2]; 3. S7-Doug Hoffman, [3]; 4. 36-Travis Calhoun, [1]; 5. 6-Wayne Hawbaker, [11]; 6. 59-Mike Desch, [13]; 7. 55-Kevin Boyer, [7]; 8. 81F-Dylan Welsh, [9]; 9. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, [6]; 10. 69-Dwayne Snyder, [8]; 11. 7-Brian Swiger, [15]; 12. 47-Tike Loizos, [12]; 13. 25-Jeremy Mills, [14]; 14. 2-Randy Zechman , [10]  DNS – Michael Warrenfeltz

Hobby Stock – 1. 03-Kevin Thomas, [5]; 2. 67-Billy Ecton, [4]; 3. 57-William Ecton Jr., [6]; 4. 0-Jamie Mills, [1]; 5. 41-Sam Caravello, [2]; 6. 11A-James Speelman, [11]; 7. 76-Brady Daniels, [3]; 8. 52-Jeff Dillon, [8]; 9. 99-Hilton Pickeral, [9]; 10. 10-Drew Fertig, [10]; 11. 19-Mike Fuller, [7]; 12. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain, [13]; 13. 39-Dalton Ritchey, [12]; 14. 7K-Michael Knight, [14]; 15. 64-William Crook, [15]

LaSalle Sportsman Modified – 1. 85C-Chris Cogan, [3]; 2. 8-Cameron Campbell, [1]; 3. 23-Jimmy Iser, [2]; 4. 07-Matt Wallace, [8]; 5. 70-Andy Swope, [4]; 6. 44-Scott Corbin, [7]; 7. 75C-Zane Cogan, [6]; 8. 10-Scott Daniels, [5]

U-Cars – 1. 47-Travis Brown, [5]; 2. 19-Tim Raup, [3]; 3. 6-Matt Worley, [2]; 4. 69-Robbie Carroll, [4]; 5. 81-Matthew Chronister, [6]; 6. 23B-Derek Iser, [1]; 7. 2FAST-Devin Iser, [7]; (DNS) 21-Tim Steele, ; (DNS) 11-Dominic King, ; (DNS) 2SLOW-Kevin Banzhoff

Palmer Wins LMS Opener at Hagerstown Speedway

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Scott Palmer brought his Late Model Sportsman out of the garage this week to win the 20 lap Late Model Sportsman feature at Hagerstown Speedway.

The Greencastle, PA veteran started outside the front row with Barry Miller on the inside, and never relinquished the top spot once taken the lead.

Miller and eighth-place starter James Lichliter made up ground as Palmer raced through lapped traffic, but not enough ground as Palmer picked up $1,000 and his 19th career LMS victory.

Following the lead trio to complete the top five were Clinton Hersh and Greg Moore.

“It felt really good to stay up front, that’s for sure”, said Palmer.

Joey Zambotti made the tow from Kittaning, Pennsylvania again and won the 15 lap Pure Stock feature for the second straight week. Zambotti powered past early race leader Michael Warrenfeltz after a mid-race restart on the high side, and never looked back on his way to the checkered flag.

Danny Atherton finished third, Tony Stoneberger was fourth, and Randy Zechman finished fifth.

Kevin Thomas drove the Neff Racing No. 03 Chevy Monte Carlo to a dominant drive in winning the 15 lap Hobby Stock feature. It was also his 3rd career Hobby Stock win. He was followed by Brady Daniels, James Speelman, Billy Ecton, and Jamie Mills at the finish.

Jimmy Iser claimed the inaugural feature event checkered flag in the 20 lap LaSalle’s Sportsman Modified division. Matt Wallace, Scott Daniels, Chris Cogan, and Cameron Campbell completed the top five.

The U-Car feature win went to Matt Worley. Tim Raup was second, last week’s winner Robbie Carroll was third, while Matthew Chronister, and Devin Iser wrapped up the top five.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 86-Scott Palmer, 10:20.236[2]; 2. 88-Barry Miller, 10:20.835[1]; 3. 8-James Lichliter, 10:21.857[8]; 4. 16-Clinton Hersh, 10:24.362[4]; 5. 48W-Greg Moore, 10:24.656[3]; 6. 43-Cody Kershner, 10:25.293[6]; 7. 74-Derick Quade, 10:25.892[10]; 8. 72D-Dale Murphy, 10:27.131[11]; 9. 36-Sam Archer, 10:29.737[7]; 10. 53-Tyler Kirby, 10:38.524[12]; 11. 24R-John Rowland, 10:38.979[9]; 12. 77S-Elwood Sord, 10:42.303[15]; 13. 44-Dylan Lewis, 10:43.002[14]; 14. 17-Doug Legum, 10:23.829[17]; 15. 33-Gino Comi, 10:38.120[13]; 16. 000-Paul Cursey Jr., 07:30.657[5]; (DNS) 11-Joe Westerman Jr., 07:30.657

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti, [4]; 2. 12-Michael Warrenfeltz, [2]; 3. 19-Danny Atherton, [3]; 4. 12S-Tony Stoneberger, [5]; 5. 2-Randy Zechman, [6]; 6. 81F-Dylan Welsh, [9]; 7. 83-Bryan Kerns, [1]; 8. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, [8]; 9. 69-Dwayne Snyder, [10]; 10. 7-Brian Swiger, [12]; 11. 25-Jeremy Mills, [14]; 12. 27-Doug Hoffman, [7]; 13. 47-Tike Loizos, [11]; (DNS) 65-Dillon Wilson

Hobby Stock – 1. 03-Kevin Thomas, [2]; 2. 76-Brady Daniels, [5]; 3. 11A-James Speelman, [4]; 4. 67-Billy Ecton, [1]; 5. 0-Jamie Mills, [6]; 6. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain, [9]; 7. 57-William Ecton Jr., [3]; 8. 19-Mike Fuller, [7]; 9. 41-Sam Caravello, [11]; 10. 7K-Michael Knight, [8]; 11. 52-Jeff Dillon, [13]; (DNS) 141-Tom Caravello, ; (DNS) 10-Drew Fertig, ; (DNS) 43-Jason Sarver, ; (DNS) 64-William Crook

LaSalle Sportsman Modified – 1. 23-Jimmy Iser, [1]; 2. 07-Matt Wallace, [2]; 3. 10-Scott Daniels, [3]; 4. 85C-Chris Cogan, [6]; 5. 8-Cameron Campbell, [10]; 6. 00-Keith Van Horn, [8]; 7. 44-Scott Corbin, [9]; 8. 70-Andy Swope, [7]; 9. R1-Brian Ringer, [4]; 10. 75C-Zane Cogan, [5]

U-Cars – 1. 6-Matt Worley, [4]; 2. 19-Tim Raup, [6]; 3. 69-Robbie Carroll, [2]; 4. 81-Matthew Chronister, [1]; 5. 2FAST-Devin Iser, [10]; 6. 64F-Travis Semple, [5]; 7. 18-Kala Varner, [7]; 8. 00-Anthony Varner, [8]; 9. 80-Dale Varner Jr., [9]; 10. 2SLOW-Kevin Banzhoff, [13]; 11. 5M-Wyatt Marker, [11]; 12. 15-Chris Anderson, [3]; 13. 23B-Derek Iser, [12]

Hagerstown & Ultimate NE SLM Opener Win to Weaver

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Justin Weaver picked up the 30 Lap Ultimate Northeast Super Late Model Series opener at the 72nd season opening event at Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday night.

It was the 1st career SLM win for the former multi-time Late Model Sportsman champion out of Williamsport, Maryland behind the wheel of the Coleman Family No.72 Rocket XR-1.

The win for Weaver also guarantees him a spot in the upcoming Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race on April 13.

Kyle Lee jumped out to the early lead on the outside past pole setter Scott Palmer. Weaver, coming from his sixth place start on the grid, raced side-by-side Palmer for a few laps before settling into second position as Lee stretched out to a six second advantage.

Lee’s advantage was erased as a caution waved for Jakob Piper on Lap 12. With a Delaware style restart, Lee was all alone up front as Weaver had to contend with Palmer and Gregg Satterlee. Weaver quickly disposed of Palmer and Satterlee as he chased Lee.

With ten laps to go, Weaver’s car began trailing smoke, but it wasn’t slowing. He closed up a ten car length gap on Lee as Lee encountered lapped traffic with only five laps to go.

Lee’s handling started to go away as the car began to push into the turns, allowing Weaver to pull even beside him. With two laps to go, Weaver nipped Lee at the flagstand, and pulled away at the end to take the checkered flag.

“We had something going south there, the motor sounded smooth but I started smelling a little bit of oil. It was right when I was going for the lead and I looked up at the scoreboard, I saw there was two laps to go and I was like, man, I think we can push this to the end. I didn’t know if it was going to make it. If it went too bad, I was going to pull in. But this is awesome.”, said a jubilant Weaver in victory lane.

Lee held onto finish second, followed by Mason Zeigler, Satterlee, and Jared Miley in the top five.

Kittaning, Pennsylvania invader Joey Zambotti drove to a convincing win over Craig Parrill in the 15 Lap Pure Stock feature event. Zambotti took the lead following a restart on Lap 5, and survived two more cautions to score his first win at Hagerstown on his first visit to the track.

Jeremy Tinsman finished third, followed by Michael Warrenfeltz and Bob Egley.

Robbie Carroll drove his newly-built Acura R7 to the 12 Lap U-Car feature for the nightcap. He battled and held off Matt Worley for his first checkered flag of 2019.

Chris Anderson, Ryan Peer, and Travis Semple rounded out the top five.

Notes:  22 Super Late Models, 13 Pure Stocks, and 17 U-Cars were pit side for the opening race of 2019. Last season’s UNSLMS and Hagerstown Speedway opening night winner Trever Feathers fell to engine woes during hot laps and was scratched for the night.

The track was fast as current SLM track record holder Gregg Satterlee had quick time with a 17.941 second lap. Satterlee set the record in October 2018 with a blistering 17.089 lap. In hot laps, Kyle Lee and Mason Zeigler were also in the 17 second zone along with Satterlee.

A violent, high-speed heat race crash claimed the cars of Andy Anderson, Kirk Baker, and Rodney Walls entering Turn 3. Fortunately, each driver walked away. Baker’s car got the worst of the accident with a series of rolls, and Walls was on his roof.

Incredibly, Walls was able to make enough repairs to his damaged racer good enough to take the green flag for the SLM feature.

SLM heats went to Satterlee, Zeigler, and Weaver.

Feature Results

UNSLMS – 1. 72-Justin Weaver, 2. 2T-Kyle Lee, 3. 25Z-Mason Zeigler, 4. 22-Gregg Satterlee, 5. 10-Jared Miley, 6. 44-Gary Stuhler, 7. 45-Jamie Lathroum, 8. 46-Marvin Winters, 9. 86-Scott Palmer, 10. 7-Darryl Hills, 11. 14-Tyler Horst, 12. 8-Matt Sponaugle,  13. 5-Glenn Elliott, 14. 32J-Shaun Jones, 15. 21-Jakob Piper, 16. 44S-Scott Sweeney, 17. 82-Andy Fries, 18. 85-Rodney Walls, 19. 12-Ryan Montgomery

DNS – Andy Anderson, Kirk Baker   DNQ- Trever Feathers

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti, 2. 3-Craig Parrill, 3. 8-Jeremy Tinsman, 4. 12-Michael Warrenfeltz, 5. 30-Bob Egley, 6. 55-Kevin Boyer, 7. 81F-Dylan Welsh, 8. 7-Brian Swiger, 9. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, 10. 19-Danny Atherton, 11. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer, 12. 47-Anastasios Loizos, 13. 65-Dillon Wilson

U-Cars – 1. 69-Robbie Carroll, 2. 6-Matt Worley, 3. 15-Chris Anderson, 4. 64-Ryan Peer, 5. 64F-Travis Semple, 6. 18-Kala Varner, 7. 3S-Steve Settle, 8. 757-Travis Heavner, 9. 00-Anthony Varner, 10. 27-Melvin McCartan, 11. 95D-Dustin Detrick, 12. 2SLOW-Kevin Banzhoff, 13. 65D-Todd Detrick,  14. 50-Colin Welsh,  15. 2FAST-Devin Iser,  16. 2-Robert Cutshall, 17. 80-Dale Varner Jr.