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Rodney Walls First Repeat Winner in Hagerstown Late Model Sportsman” “Megan Mann (Crates), Steven Axtell (E-Mods) Savor Career Nights”

By Doug Watson
    Hagerstown, MD (7/10/21)- Opening day winner Rodney Walls became the first repeat winner of the season with his win in last Saturday nights 20-lap Late Model Sportsman feature at Hagerstown speedway. The win for Walls, aboard his familiar Rocket no.85, would be his 6th career track score at the venerable Maryland oval. Lining up second for the start, Walls would blast into the lead on the first lap and would eventually pace all 20-circuits to post the win. Sixth starting Sean Merkel arrived in second on the 14th lap and ran Walls down, but would have to settle for a career best second place finish. “It feels good to be back here.” Walls stated post race. “Our car started to fall off there towards the end but we had enough to hold on to the finish and thanks to everyone who helped get us here.” Current point leader Donnie Farlling, Randy Burkholder and Frankie Gordon rounded out the top-five. Heats for the 23 entries went to Bruce Kane, Walls and Burkholder.
    In just her second career start at Hagerstown, Megan Mann wired the field for her first ever track feature win in the 20-lap Crate Late Model main. Mann shot from her second starting spot to lead the distance steering her Rocket no.55 over Brayden Anderson. “This is amazing!” A jubilant Mann said in victory lane. “I have to thank my mom and dad and all the sponsors, this is only the second time we’ve raced here and I’m shocked to be in victory lane.” Matt Glanden, Steve Lowery and Josh Canipe trailed at the finish.
    Steven Axtell also became a first time winner with his career first division victory in the 25-lap Mid Atlantic Modified contest. Axtell would lead 23 of the 25-lap feature distance and would go on to score the popular win with his Lethal chassis no.81. “We’ve been good all season and it’s pretty cool to finally get one.” Said Axtell. “Jerry (Foster) has given me a great opportunity this season and I’m happy to get one for the team.” Michael Altobelli, Brian Booze, Rick Hulson and TJ DeHaven completed the top-five.
    In stock car action, Cody Kershner continued his mid-season surge as he collected his third in a row and fourth of the season in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature with Cody Breeden posting his second of the season in another down to the wire 15-lap Hobby Stock feature. Media Results for 7/10/2021 at Hagerstown Speedway – Hagerstown, MD
Late Model Sportsman feature finish
1. 85-Rodney Walls[2]; 2. 118-Sean Merkel[6]; 3. 48-Donnie Farlling[5]; 4. 77-Randy Burkholder[3]; 5. 92-Frankie Gordon[4]; 6. 86-Scott Palmer[7]; 7. 8-Taylor Farlling[23]; 8. 72D-Dale Murphy[8]; 9. 15-Bruce Kane[1]; 10. 11P-Kevin Palmer[11]; 11. 11W-Austin Warrenfeltz[9]; 12. 08K-Zach Kauffman[10]; 13. 17F-Bradley Feight[16]; 14. 38S-Randy Schaeffer[15]; 15. 50-Jason Smith[12]; 16. 39-Tom Chaffins[22]; 17. 77S-Elwood Sord[21]; 18. 88C-Chuck Cox III[14]; 19. 81-Eddie Cornett[17]; 20. 19-Danny Atherton[13]; 21. 76-Mason Strait[18]; 22. 89-Brandon Churchey[20]; 23. 00-Harry Shipe III[19]
Crate Late Model feature finish
1. 55-Megan Mann[2]; 2. 25-Brayden Anderson[1]; 3. 01-Matt Glanden[3]; 4. 48-Steve Lowery[5]; 5. 23W-Branson
Woodward[6]; 6. 23-Josh Canipe[4]; 7. 35-Bryce Wenger[8]; 8. 8A-Adam Plume[9]; 9. 90-Matt Tepper[7]
Mid Atlantic Modified feature finish
1. 81-Steve Axtell Jr[3]; 2. 95A-Michael Altobelli[4]; 3. 90X-Brian Booze[8]; 4. 40-Rick Hulson[1]; 5. 7D-TJ DeHaven[9]; 6. 95J-Justin Cullum[7]; 7. 90-Ray Kable[2]; 8. 5-Jerry Foster[5]; 9. 2-Michael Pappas[6]; 10. 59-Doug Stine[11]; 11. 33-Jacob Whitt[13]; 12. 17-Andy Bosley[18]; 13. 9-Cole Nagle[15]; 14. 22-Scott Sweeney Jr[14]; 15. 4-Nick DiBella[12]; 16. 10-Andrew Fertig[16]; 17. 44-Frank DiBella[17]; 18. (DNS) 18P-Brian Pyles; 19. (DNS) 747-Jimmy Jesmer
Pure Stock feature finish
1. 2+2-Cody Kershner[2]; 2. 22-Jamey Swank[1]; 3. S7-Brian Booze[4]; 4. 00-Joshua Bloom[10]; 5. 03-Bryan Neff[7]; 6. 88- Deakon Snyder[11]; 7. 6-Wayne Hawbaker[12]; 8. 19M-Bobby Meixsell[5]; 9. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain[3]; 10. 25-Jeremy Mills[13]; 11. 21-Jason Stoner[8]; 12. 8-Jeremy Tinsman[6]; 13. 31-Willie Ling[9]
Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Cody Breeden 2. Nathaniel Younker 3. Scot Sipes 4. Jack Gose 5. Mike Fuller 6. Trevor Larrick 7. Chris Kauffman 8. Zack Reid 9. Lincoln Sutphin 10. Dylan Beavers 11. Sherman Lynn Sr 12. Carter Shank

Results from June 26


Chuck Bowie won the Crate Late Model feature in dominating fashion, leading every lap of Saturday’s feature.

“I knew the outside line was going to work based on the last time I raced here,” Bowie said. “I was flat through three and four for a majority of race and it paid off, what a night.”

After a few cautions because of wrecks, only five cars managed to cross the finish line.

Jeremy Pilkerton finished second and Steve Lowery finished third.

The 20 of Trevor Feathers led most of the laps in the Super Late Model feature, only to be involved in a late race wreck with Jamie Lathroum with three laps to go. The 66 of Matt Cosner took advantage of the situation and took the checkered flag in a wild sequence of events.

“We definitely didn’t have the best car tonight but sometimes it is better to be lucky then good,” Cosner said. “I knew with only three laps to go that I had a great shot of holding them off and I was able to do it.”

Justin Weaver finished second and Marvin Winters finished third.

In the final race of the night, it was Codey Breeden who scored the victory in dominating fashion, leading all 15 laps in a runaway but was later disqualified along with 2nd place car Brady Daniels after failing post race tech. Scot Sipes who finished third was declared the winner.

Melair Collects Career First in PASS 305 Sprints Saturday at Hagerstown” // “Altobelli Flag to Flag in Mid Atlantic Mod Contest”

By Doug Watson
     Hagerstown, MD (6-19-21)- Warrington Pa’s Mike Melair drove to his first career PASS 305 Sprint Car feature win last Saturday at Hagerstown speedway. Melair’s winning run, the first of his Sprint Car career, made him the second different winner in 305 action at the track this season.
     Melair drew the pole for the start of the 25-lap main and made the most of his good fortune as he would lead the distance in an event that featured only one quick caution period. “We had a good car all night and when we drew the pole for the feature I knew I had to make the most of it.” Superb track conditions aided Melair in his winning drive. “This place was awesome tonight, you could race all over it and it definitely was a lot of fun.” Mikell McGee, Domenic Melair, Ryan Lynn and Garrett Bard would complete the top five. Heats for the 30 cars entered went to Mike Melair, Dylan Shatzer and Mikell McGee with Austin Reed winning the consolation.
     In the 25-lap Mid Atlantic Modified feature, Michael Altobelli took the lead at the drop of the green flag and drove off uncontested to score his first win of the season and career 4th Hagerstown feature win. “It feels good to finally get one here after all the second places we’ve had here this season.” Altobelli stated post race. “We had an awesome car all night long and a big thanks to the crew and all our sponsors.” Ray Kable, Justin Cullum, Doug Stine and Rick Hulson would round out the top-five. Heats went to Altobelli and Cullum.
    In Stock car action, red-hot Cody Kershner drove to his second consecutive, and 3rd win of the season in the 15-lap Pure stock main with Jack Gose driving the race of his young career to collect his first ever Hagerstown feature win in the nightcap 15-lap Hobby Stock contest.
PASS 305 Sprint Car feature finish 
Mike Melair, Mikell McGee, Domenic Melair, Ryan Lynn, Garrett Bard, Dylan Shatzer, Ken Duke Jr., Scott Lutz, Devin Brenneman, Jason Roush, Austin Reed, Donny Hendershot, Drew Young, Michael Alleman, Mike Lerass, Josh Spicer, Erin Statler, Brad Mellott, Jarrett Cavalet, Will. Brunson, Ron Aurand, Bill Rice, Steve Kenewell Jr., Scott Frack DNQ- Vance Berry, Chris Ware, Matt Mullins, Kurt Knepper, Reed Thompson, Rowdy Heffner
Mid Atlantic Modified feature finish 
Michael Altobelli, Ray Kable, Justin Cullum, Doug Stine, Rick Hulson, Jimmy Jesmer Jr., TJ DeHaven, Tom Wakefield, Michael Pappas, Anthony Lupini, Frank DiBella, Nick DiBella, Blane Sellers, Andy Bosley DNS-Beau Aikey, Tony Wuest
Pure Stock feature finish 
Cody Kershner, Brian Booze, Jason Stoner, Jeremy Tinsman, Josh Bloom, Bobby Meixsall, Deakon Snyder, Bryan Kerns, Wayne Hawbaker, Bryan Bowersox, Sherman Lynn, Jeremy Mills, Jamey Swank
Hobby Stock feature finish 
Jack Gose, Trevor Larrick, Mike Fuller, Nathaniel Younker, Davey Gross Jr., Dylan Beavers, Carter Shank, Ricky Michael DNS- Cody Breeden

Larrick, Kershner, Lear, and Hardy Take Feature Wins

Cody Kershner took the checkered flag in the Pure Stock Division after starting third. Halfway through the race Kershner was able to get to the second position and pass for the lead just two laps later. He would go on to score his second victory of the season.

“We should have won four five races by now,” Kershner said. “We have overcome a lot of adversity over the last few weeks. It feels good to be back here.”

Brian Booze finished second and Jason Stoner finished third.

Kyle Hardy took the checkered flag in the Crate Late Model division. He led every single one of the 20 laps. Chuck Bowie got close a few times but just couldn’t keep up with Hardy.

“This is just a family effort and I really enjoy racing here,” Hardy said. “I’ve been fortunate to race a lot here and it has helped me become better over the years.”

Chuck Bowie finished second and Steve Lowery finished third.

Kyle Lear also led every single lap in route to a dominating win in the Late Model Sportsman division. Lear started on the front row and from the very beginning was out front.

“I’ve been working on this car for the last three days nonstop,” Lear said. “Now we are here in victory lane and it feels really good.”

Taylor Farlling finished second and Donnie Farlling finished third.

The last race of the night featuring the Hobby Stocks was great from start to finish. Side by side battles all over the track that ended in a photo finish. Trevor Larrick won by approximately a foot to secure his second win of the season.

“I’m thankful that everyone raced me clean,” Larrick said. “It has been a great season for us.”

Brady Daniels finished second and Scot Sipes finished third.

Stremme, Walls, Swank, Breeden visit Victory Lane


The night started out with plenty of excitement as the Pure Stock Division got things started. The second row of cars made it four wide on the initial start causing the 2+2 of Cody Kershner and the six of Wayne Hawbaker to wreck. Kershner would regain his initial starting spot of third and would charge to the front shortly after. With five laps to go, the 2+2 pulled off the track with engine troubles as Jamey Swank would go on to score the victory.

“That was one heck of a race,” Swank said. “We were at the right place at the right time.”

Jeremy Tinsman finished second and Deakon Snyder finished third.

The Late Model Sportsman Feature also had trouble at the very start of the race. The 151 of Kyle Lear and 19 of Danny Atherton got together sending the 151 to hit the inside wall hard, causing a red flag. Once the race got restarted, the 39 of Ryan Walls took the early commanding lead. At lap eight, the 92 of Frankie Gordon traded the lead with Walls for a few laps. Eight laps in, Walls took the lead for the final time and never looked back.

“I wanted new tires for the cars before the race, checked the budget and decided not to get them,” Walls said. “It turned out we didn’t need them.”

Taylor Farlling finished second and Donnie Farlling finished third.

Next was the Mid Atlantic Modified Feature and it was a dominate performance from former NASCAR star David Stremme as he led flag to flag. In the middle of the race, the seven of Drake Troutman tried hard to catch Stremme and ran the cushion the entire time until he jumped it on lap 15. Stremme never looked back.

“We came down here to try some things,” Stremme said. “We really like this place; we will definitely be back.”

Michael Altobelli finished second and Drake Troutman finished third.

The night concluded with the Hobby Stock Feature that had plenty of action throughout. Codey Breeden and Trevor Larrick battled for most of the race, but a late race caution came out with three to go. Breeden would capitalize on his inside starting position and take the lead, never looking back.

“That caution saved me big time,” Breeden said. “It has been a tough season for us, so it feels good to finally get a good result.”

Lane Hessong finished second and Trevor Larrick finished third.

Gube, Weaver, Hessong, & Tinsman take the checkered flag

By Phil Marshall


Dave Gube Takes Speedways First Sprint Car Feature of the Year, Justin Weavers captures Late Model Sportsman win, Lane Hessong wins Hobby Stock, and Jeremy Tinsman wins Pure Stock.

Jeremy Tinsman captured his second win of the season on Saturday night after taking the early lead, only to lose it briefly to Jason Stoner. At the conclusion of lap two, Tinsman took the lead and never looked back.

“I really wanted to run the bottom because I thought that was going to the best line,” Tinsman said. “It really took off from the get go and that really surprised me.”

Tinsman will look for three wins in a row next weekend.

Justin Weaver took the checkered flag in the Late Model Sportsman Feature. After starting fourth, Weaver made his way to the lead on lap four and never looked back in a dominant performance, leading 16 of 20 laps.

“I didn’t know how the night was going to go early on,” Weaver said. “We have overcome a lot of obstacles so it feels good to be in this position.”

The Late Model Sportsman division will be in action next weekend.

Dave Grube took the checkered flag in the speedway’s first sprint car race of the season. Grube took the early lead and almost gave it away when he jumped the cushion on lap nine. Brad Mellott fought hard trying to take the lead but could not pass Grube in the final laps.

“It took a lot of composure away when I made that mistake of jumping the cushion,” Grube said. “It was a lot of fun passing cars tonight.”

The IMCA Sprint Car Series returns on June 19.

Lane Hessong captured his first win of the season after passing Trevor Larrick halfway through the race. It wasn’t an easy feat for Hessong after a caution came out with one lap to go, forcing a restart at the end.

“I don’t know what that caution was for, but hey, it all worked out in my favor,” Hessong said. “The track was great and I had a lot of fun tonight for sure.”

Hobby Stocks will again be in action next weekend.