Quade Gets LMS First, Altobelli Scores MAM Opener

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Derick Quade has come close to winning a Late Model Sportsman feature a few times in his career, but the driver hailing from Mechanicsville, Maryland finally saw the checkered flag while leading to score his first ever LMS win at Hagerstown Speedway.

Quade came from sixth to take the lead from veteran Scott Palmer on Lap 13 of the 20 lap feature event following a restart with a topside pass off of turn two down the backstretch.

With four laps to go, another restart was needed, and Quade fended off Palmer’s challenge on the last lap to hang onto victory.

“It’s never easy here. We’d always start out good here, but could never finish it off for some reason. This place has been a struggle for a long time, and I’m just super excited to get this one. This is awesome”, said Quade.

Rounding out the top five were James Lichliter, Dan Zechman, and 12th-place starter Taylor Farlling.

Michael Altobelli scored the series season opener for the Mid Atlantic Modifieds in race that had a tough time getting started. But once it got rolling, Altobelli battled Ray Kable for several laps before taking command and going away to his third career win at Hagerstown.

Finishing third was former MAM series champion Brad Kling, followed by Mike Corbin who came from 13th on the grid to finish fourth, and fifth place finisher Carl McKinney.

The Pure Stock and Hobby Stock divisions each raced in a split feature format. Jeremy Tinsman and Wayne Hawbaker each scored a PS feature win, while Brady Daniels and Craig Kline took home the checkered flags in HS.

Notes: Once again, Hagerstown Speedway played host to a grand field of cars in the pit area with the MAM having the most at 44 cars entered for competition. It was also another show on a very racy surface that was well-supported in the grandstands.

LMS rookie Austin Warrenfeltz made a great charge from 21st to 10th, as did MAM competitor Justin Cullum, respectively.

Hawbaker’s PS win was his first since 2011, ending a long drought from victory lane, and Kline’s win was his first in HS. Even though Kline had never officially retired from racing, he said that it had been “quite a while” since he last raced.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 74-Derick Quade[6]; 2. 86-Scott Palmer[2]; 3. 8-James Lichliter[9]; 4. 2-Dan Zechman[8]; 5. 8F-Taylor Farlling[12]; 6. 08-Keith Koontz[3]; 7. 43-Cody Kershner[15]; 8. 11S-Austin Stover[4]; 9. 85-Rodney Walls[1]; 10. 11-Austin Warrenfeltz[21]; 11. 21-Jakob Piper[18]; 12. 5X-Brad Omps[13]; 13. 08K-Zach Kauffman[11]; 14. 16-Justin Dillman[24]; 15. 24R-John Rowland[20]; 16. 99W-Garrett Walls[19]; 17. 15-Jordan Kaufman[14]; 18. 12-Wes Hurd[22]; 19. 38-Carl Biddle[23]; 20. 39-Tom Chaffins[25]; 21. 19-Jonathan DeHaven[17]; 22. 11B-Ronnie Bottenfield[10]; 23. 48-Donnie Farlling[5]; 24. 17H-Richard Hawkins[16]; 25. (DNS) 0TWO-Randy Burkholder; 26. (DNS) 36-Sam Archer

Mid Atlantic Modifieds – 1. 95-Michael Altobelli [4]; 2. 90-Ray Kable[1]; 3. 11-Brad Kling[5]; 4. 25-Mike Corbin[13]; 5. 6M-Carl McKinney[8]; 6. 41-Cody Williams[15]; 7. 51-Joey Polevoy[9]; 8. 5-Jerry Foster[10]; 9. 36G-Brandon Galloway[11]; 10. 95J-Justin Cullum[21]; 11. 1$-Dale Smith[12]; 12. 7+7-Jeff Solinger[6]; 13. 26D-Derek Deusenberry[2]; 14. 43-Josh Harris[23]; 15. 21H-Kyle Lloyd[22]; 16. 55-Alyssa Rowe[24]; 17. 20-Travis Clower[18]; 18. 59-Doug Stine[14]; 19. D3-Curtis Dunn[16]; 20. 80-Keith Reed[19]; 21. 4-Nick DiBella[17]; 22. 12R-Ty Rhoades[7]; 23. 8-Tim Fedder[3]; 24. 60-Brandon Householder[20]; 25. 0-Haley Kaiser[25]

Pure Stock – (Feature One) 1. 8-Jeremy Tinsman[1]; 2. 34C-Craig Parrill[5]; 3. 21-Jason Stoner[4]; 4. 19-Danny Atherton[9]; 5. 65-Dillon Wilson[7]; 6. 129X-Jimmy Combs[3]; 7. 69-Hunter Snyder[8]; 8. 56-Gregory Laird[6]; 9. 83-Bryan Kerns[2]

(Feature Two) 1. 6-Wayne Hawbaker[1]; 2. 2-Randy Zechman[3]; 3. 51-Mark Patterson[5]; 4. 44-Gerald Burton[4]; 5. 76-Mason Strait[6]; 6. 18-Chris Transeau[8]; 7. 62-Danny Beavers Jr[2]; 8. 10-Andrew Fertig[7]

Hobby Stock – (Feature One)  1. 76-Brady Daniels[2]; 2. 19-Mike Fuller[1]; 3. 14-Codey Breeden[3]; 4. 22-Robert Thompson[6]; 5. 75-Courtney Deshong[7]; 6. (DNS) 15-Scot Sipes; 7. (DNS) 41-Sam Caravello

(Feature 2)  1. 03-Craig Kline[1]; 2. 00-Charles Noblitt[3]; 3. 04-Dakota Moreland[6]; 4. ZR1-Zack Reid[2]; 5. 62-Dylan Beavers[7]; 6. 17-Randy Linaburg[5]; 7. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain[4]