Full Slate of Events for Pure Stocks and Hobby Stocks

Both the Pure Stock and Hobby Stock divisions have evolved over the years from the days of the Roadrunners, Daredevils, and Enduro divisions of past years. As the cliché states “the more things change, the more things stay the same”, the Pure Stock and Hobby Stock divisions are longtime mainstays at Hagerstown Speedway.

Although mostly classified as support divisions all over the country, Hagerstown Speedway offers these popular divisions several special events that offer more purse monies over the regular shows throughout the 2019 season.

Pure Stocks open up the season on March 23, and return on March 30 with the Hobby Stocks for the first point race of the 2019 campaign. Each division returns for the Hub City guaranteed qualifier on April 6 during Accent Imaging/The Trophy Shop night.

Pure Stocks get their first special event as the undercard of the LOLMDS Stanley Schetrompf Classic on April 6, and Hobby Stocks will be on the April 20 racing card.

Both divisions will be a part of racing action for the next few events, beginning with the spring Small Car Nationals presented by Turn 5 Turnaround on April 27 with a $750 to win feature for the PS and $500 for the HS. Each will also be scheduled in May on the 4th and 25th.

June 1 brings more money and extra distance with the Hub City 100 weekend along with Small Fry Night. PS (Cornett Tribute) and HS each will go for 25 laps and $500 to win, and again as part of Student & Armed Forces Appreciation Night on June 8.

Pure Stocks will be in action on Sunday, June 23 as part of the 3rd-annual Frank Sagi Tribute/ARCH Night.

Hobby Stocks get the top billing for the Eric Johnson Memorial on June 29, and they will also be joined by the PS as part of the SCN guaranteed qualifier on the same night.

They will also be in action together on July 6 and 20, with July 20 scheduled as being the final point race for HS. The final point race for PS is scheduled for August 3.

Then,  it’s time to end the season with some big races for the PS and HS with the Turn 5 Turnaround Summer Championship on August 24, paying out extra monies, and the traditional SCN with qualifying on September 13, and feature events on September 14.

As these divisions compete during the bulk of the Hagerstown Speedway schedule, each division has plenty of races with several of them being special events that are sure to be very attractive to the Pure Stock and Hobby Stock racers of the area.


*****Please check the schedule to make sure which races meet the technical criteria for either Hagerstown Speedway legal only cars, or races designated as “Home Track Rules”. Your rules you’re your home track must be presented to the technical director/inspector.*****