“Satterlee Prevails in ULMS Durboraw Tribute Saturday at Hagerstown”

“Kershner Tops Pure Stocks, Breeden Triumphs in Hobby Stocks”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (8/13/22)- Indiana Pennsylvania’s Gregg Satterlee used some late race strategy to take the win in last Saturday nights ULMS sanctioned “Nathan Durboraw Tribute” at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Satterlee, aboard his Keyser Manufacturing Rocket no.22, would be his 6th series victory of the season and career 10th at the fabled Washington County, Maryland oval.

Matt Cosner and Kyle Hardy shared the front row for the start of the 41-lap main with Hardy assuming control as the field blasted off turn two. As Hardy paced the field 6th starting Gregg Satterlee was climbing through the field and would reach second by the 8th lap and when after Hardy. Satterlee would reel Hardy in and would execute a perfect slide job off turn four to snare the lead on the 34th lap. Satterlee would then lead the final seven circuits to take the win over Rick Eckert who rallied late for a runner-up finish. “I remember coming here as a kid with my uncle when he raced and Nathan was the guy to beat down here, and it’s an honor to win this race in his memory.” Satterlee stated in victory lane. “Kyle was running pretty good up on the top but I could see his car was getting free and we were able to take advantage of that to get the lead late in the race.” Superb track conditions were key to Satterlee’s victory. “The track was in great shape all night and you could race all over it. I hope we were able to put on a good show for all the fans that turned out tonight.” Hardy held tough for third with Matt Cosner and 13th starting Trever Feathers rounding out the top five. Heats for the 32 cars entered went to Satterlee, Hardy, Cosner and Tyler Emory with twin B-mains going to Matt Lux and Shaun Jones.

In support class action defending track champion Cody Kershner drove to his 5th win of the season and career 11th in the 15-lap Pure Stock feature with Codey Breeden claiming his second win in a row in the nightcap 15-lap Hobby Stock main.


Late Model feature finish

Gregg Satterlee, Rick Eckert, Kyle Hardy, Matt Cosner, Trever Feathers, Alex Ferree, Jason Covert, Kyle Lee, Tyler Emory, Donald Lingo Jr, Matt Lux, Jared Miley, Jamie Lathroum, Shaun Jones, Dylan Cecce, Danny Snyder, Dave Stamm, Matt Sponaugle, Tyler Horst, Roy Deese Jr. Dale Hollidge, Logan Zarin, Kenny Moreland, Gary Stuhler DNQ- Brian Booze, Sam Archer, Drake Troutman, Justin Weaver, Kody Lyter, Travis Stickley, DJ Myers, Eddie Carrier Jr.


Pure Stock feature finish

Cody Kershner, Jasen Geesaman, Mike Grady Jr, Rob Nichols, Deakon Snyder, Jason Stoner, Bobby Miexsall, Ryan Smith, Greg Diehl, Travis Calhoun, John Miller, Russel Shoop, Dwayne Snyder, Jeremy Mills, Gary Frye, Brady Neff, Isaiah Miller DNS-Dillon Wilson, Steve Kent


Hobby Stock feature finish

Codey Breeden, Nathaniel Younker, Dylan Beavers, Brandon Churchey, Mike Fuller, Nick Fogle, Devin Thomas, James Mongan Sr, Tyler Fisher, Zack Reid, John Catlett, Carter Shank, James Speelman, Keith Reed, Zach Frost, Michael Knight, Hot Rod Rodney Miner, Glenn Grimm, Charles Noblitt