“Lear Finds Victory Lane In Late Model Sportsman Contest Saturday at Hagerstown”

“Deakon Snyder Takes Career First In Pure Stocks”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (8/20/22)- Severna Park Maryland’s Kyle Lear drove to his first win of the season in last Saturday nights 20-lap Late Model Sportsman main at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Lear, aboard his infamous Rocket no.151, would be the 23rd of his Hagerstown career for the former two-time division champion.

Danny Atherton and Andrew Yoder brought the field to green with Yoder vaulting into the lead as the field raced off turn two. As Yoder lead, 5th starting Kyle Lear got to 2nd by the 5th lap and set sail after Yoder. Lear was then able to run Yoder down as he would take the lead on the 8th lap, and despite the repeated challenges of Yoder, would lead the remaining 12-laps to score the popular win. “The race track was phenomenal tonight.” Lear stated post race. “We put a slider on the two car (Andrew Yoder) to get the lead and I went in so deep, it felt like I was headed to Williamsport!” Lear said with a laugh. “We had a good car tonight and this is a big win for our team.” David Williams was strong in third with Robbie Black and Sean Merkel rounding out the top five. Shaun Miller would actually take the checkered flag in third position, but failed a post race inspection, moving the eventual top-five up a spot. Scoring heat wins over the 37 car field went to Cody Kershner, Yoder, Black and Atherton with Sean Merkel and Jeff King splitting twin consolations.

It would be a career night for both Deakon Snyder and Nick Fogle in their respective feature events. Cody Kershner appeared to have taken his 6th Pure Stock win of the season in their 15-lap feature but Kershner’s car did not survive a post race inspection which would give the win to Snyder who was second in the running order for his first career Hagerstown win. Codey Breeden, Jason Stoner, Rob Nichols and Michael Carter filled the front five. Heats went to Greg Diehl and Kershner.

In the 15-lap Hobby Stock feature Nick Fogle would also become a first time Hagerstown feature winner with his victory. Nathaniel Younker, Keith Reed, Mike Fuller and Brandon Churchey would complete the top five. Heats went to Younker, Reed and Tyler Fisher. Roland Brown would take the Classic Racing Series main over Bill Brown Jr., Joe Brown, Jimmy Combs and Tyler Brown.


Late Model Sportsman feature finish

Kyle Lear, Andrew Yoder, David Williams, Robbie Black, Sean Merkel, Matt Glanden, Kenneth Yoder, Michael Walls, Jakob Piper, Rance Garlock, Austin Warrenfeltz, Chad Myers, Brandon Bard, Randy Schaeffer, Tommy Cordell, Jeff King, Mason Strait, Jonathan Raley, Jim McBee, Danny Atherton, Keith Koontz, Cody Kershner, Dale Murphy, James Lichliter, Jared Fulkroad DQ-Shaun Miller DNQ-Chase Bowsman, Jason Smith, Eric Cronise, Dale Smith, Devin Hart, Chaz Buchinsky, Harry Shipe Jr, Elwood Sord, Tom Chaffins, Madeline Miller, Matt Williamson


Pure Stock feature finish

Deakon Snyder, Codey Breeden, Jason Stoner, Rob Nichols, Michael Carter, Isaiah Miller, Shane McQuay, Jeremy Mills, Bobby Miexsall, Mike Grady Jr, Greg Diehl, Doug Stine DNS-Dwayne Snyder DQ- Cody Kershner


Hobby Stock feature finish

Nick Fogle, Nathaniel Younker, Keith Reed, Mike Fuller, Brandon Churchey, Devin Thomas, Dylan Beavers, James Speelman, Zach Frost, John Catlett, Glenn Grimm, Carter Shank, Lincoln Sutphin, JT Bowie, Evan Foust, Charles Noblitt, Tyler Fisher, Robert Thompson DNS-Steve Weddles, Rodney Miner DQ-James Mongan Sr.


Classic Racing Series feature finish

Roland Brown, Bill Brown Jr, Joe Brown, Jimmy Combs, Dylan Brown, Conner Cantwell, Tyler Miller, Nate Todt, Steve Cantwell Jr