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“Three Races, Three Faces as Satterlee Scores Hagerstown Speed Week Victory”//“Troutman Flag to Flag in E-Mod Contest”

By Doug Watson
   Hagerstown Md, (6/11/23)- The third stop of the 2023 Appalachian Mountain Late Model Speed Week series rolled into Maryland’s Hagerstown on Sunday and produced the series third different feature winner in Indiana Pa’s Greg Satterlee. The win for Satterlee, worth $4000, came steering his Robbie Allen prepared Rocket no.22 and would mark his 11th career Hagerstown feature win.
  Tyler Emory and Jeff Rine lead the field to green with Emory taking command as the field drove into turn one. Emory’s lead would only last until the fourth lap when 4th starting Drake Troutman took over on lap-five. Troutman appeared to have the car to beat as he lead effortlessly through the middle stages of the event. As Troutman set the pace, 8th starting Greg Satterlee and Kyle Hardy took up the chase until a lap-29 caution slowed the field. On the ensuing re-start, Satterlee made a daring three wide move off the fourth turn, to become the third different leader. Eventual runner-up Kyle Hardy kept Satterlee in his sights, but would have to settle for second as Satterlee zoomed to the win. “We got a good launch on that re-start and went three wide, but I held my ground and we got the lead.” Satterlee stated in victory lane. “It’s always fun to race here at Hagerstown and a big thanks to Jim Bernheisel for having this series and to all the fans that came and supported the show here on Sunday.” Kyle Hardy was solid in second, but was expecting more. “I shouldn’t hang my head about running second to Greg.” Hardy offered. “We had a fast car tonight, but nobody remembers who finishes second, I’m disappointed.” Early leader Drake Troutman held tough for third. “If the race had of stayed green the results may have been different.” Drake explained. “I was a sitting duck on that re-start but Greg races all over the country and he is one of the best for a reason.” Emory settled for fourth with 13th starting Dylan Yoder rounding out the top-five. Tyler Emory set fast time in time trials over the 40 cars on hand with a one lap time of 18.142. Heats went to Rick Eckert, Greg Satterlee, Gary Stuhler and Brian Booze with twin B-mains going to Justin Weaver and Keith Jackson.
  In the 20-lap Mid Atlantic Modified main it was Hyndman Pa’s Drake Troutman taking his second Hagerstown win of the season. Troutman shot from the pole to the lead and would eventually pace all 20-circuits aboard his Jerry Foster owned no.5. “It would have been great to win both races but this is a great way to end the night.” Troutman stated post race. “Thanks to Jerry Foster and everybody who lends a hand in this, we’re having a good season.” David Stremme, Michael Altobelli, Glenn Elliott and George Dixon trailed at the finish. Heats for the 22 entries went to Troutman, Altobelli and Stremme.
Late Model feature finish
Greg Satterlee, Kyle Hardy, Drake Troutman, Tyler Emory, Dylan Yoder, Jeff Rine, Kyle Lee, Keith Jackson, Dan Stone, Logan Roberson, Matt Cosner, Rick Eckert, Eddie Carrier Jr, Coleby Frye, Justin Weaver, Trevor Collins, Gary Stuhler, Trever Feathers, Bryan Bernheisel, Andrew Yoder, Dillon Stake, Jamie Lathroum, Matt Sponaugle, Brian Booze DNQ- Shaun Jones, Chad Myers, Tyler Horst, Jason Covert, Alex Libby, Ernie Millon, Cory Lawler, Kody Lyter, Jakob Piper, Randy Christine, Cody Kershner, Larry Neiderer, RJ Dallape, Scott Sweeney, Nathan Long, Austin Berry
Mid Atlantic Modified feature finish
Drake Troutman, David Stremme, Michael Altobelli, Glenn Elliott, George Dixon, Ray Kable, Justin Cullum, TJ DeHaven, Donnie Farlling, Rick Hulson, Jimmy Jesmer Jr, Nick DiBella, Michael Pappas, Brett Hamilton, Brandon Inglish, Derek Deusenberry, Ryan Dolan, Tony Weust, Tom Wakefield, Alyssa Rowe, Kyle Beckett DNS-Steven Axtell Jr.

Brenneman Stars in Late Model Sportsman Saturday at Hagerstown/ Trevor Collins Second Straight First Time Crate Winner

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown MD, (5/27/23)- Port Royal Pa’s Trent Brenneman added his name to the Hagerstown win list with his first career Late Model Sportsman feature win last Saturday night. Brenneman’s victory, aboard his Rocket no.33, made him the third different winner in the five events run for the class this season.
In a mirror image of the last Late Model Sportsman two weeks prior, Kyle Lear darted into the lead from his pole starting spot and appeared to have the field covered. As Lear set the pace, Fourth starting Trent Brenneman reached second by the 10th lap and was gaining on Lear until a broken shock on Lear’s mount sent him to the pits. Brenneman was now the new leader and would lead the remaining 10 laps taking the win over cousin and current point leader, Devin Hart. “We’ve definitely been wanting to get a win down here at Hagerstown.” A jubilant Brenneman stated post race. “Our car felt pretty good right off the trailer, and definitely good in the heat race to start seventh and win that.” Brenneman explained. “At the start of the feature we didn’t feel like we had a winning car for the first half of the race but we got a yellow and got a good restart and the car was definitely better.” Taylor Farlling, Ryan Zook and Barry Miller would complete the top five. With 34 cars in attendance, heat race wins went to Brenneman, Zook, Hart and Lear with the consolation going to Levi Crowl.
Seaford Delaware’s Trevor Collins became the second consecutive Delaware native to win his first career Crate Late Model feature. Collins vaulted into the race lead on the first circuit but would have to hold off a pesky Dale Hollidge during the 20 lap contest to take the breakthrough win. Brian Booze was third, Jarrett Edwards, in his first ever Hagerstown start, was fourth with Justin Kann rounding out the top five. Heats went to Hollidge and Collins.
In support class action, current point leader Jason Stoner drove to his 3rd win of the season in the 15-lap Semi Late feature with current point leader Nick Fogle and Keith Reed splitting the twin 15-lap Pure Stock mains.

Late Model Sportsman feature finish
Trent Brenneman, Devin Hart, Taylor Farlling, Ryan Zook, Barry Miller, Andrew Yoder, Kenny Yoder, Scott Palmer, Danny Atherton, Wesley Bonebrake, Levi Crowl, Jeff King, Brandon Bard, Keith Koontz, Eric Irvin, Chaz Buchinsky, Rodney Walls, Justin Dillman, Tommy Cordell, DJ Garrett, Cody Lear, Kyle Lear, Matt Parks, Chase Bowsman, Jakob Piper DNQ- Jared Fulkroad, Brandon Seibert, Eric Cronise, Matt Williamson, Bubby Tharp Jr, Elwood Sord, Andy Fries, Eddie Cornett, Bryce Wenger

Crate Late Model feature finish
Trevor Collins, Dale Hollidge, Brian Booze, Jarrett Edwards, Justin Kann, Mike Walls, Ed Pope Jr, Megan Mann, Codey Breeden, Brayden Anderson, Chuck Bowie, Dylan High, Bud Durboraw, Bailey Tolson, Scott Sweeney, Scooter Tippett, Craig Guido, Derrick Garner

Semi Late feature finish
Jason Stoner, Dillon Wilson, Greg Diehl, Deakon Snyder, Jasen Geesaman, Rob Nichols, Wayne Hawbaker, Shane McQuay, Butch Helsel, Jeremy Mills, Ryan Smith, Jim Farley, Shane Wilt, Isaiah Miller DNS-Dwayne Snyder, Kenneth Wolfe

Pure Stock feature finish (1)
Keith Reed, Nathaniel Younker, Tyler Fisher, Billy Ecton Jr, Billy Ecton Sr, Blake Reed, Carter Shank, Dylan Beavers, Nick Fogle, Lincoln Sutphin, Devin Thomas, Jamie Speelman, Zach Frost, Andrew Saffelle, Evan Foust, Charles Noblitt, Tom Caravello DNS- Randy Linaburg, John Catlett, Jeff Bosley, Glenn Grimm, Brandon Murphy

Pure Stock feature finish (2)
Nick Fogle, Nathaniel Younker, Keith Reed, Dylan Beavers, Billy Ecton Jr, Evan Foust, Billy Ecton Sr, Blake Reed, Carter Shank, Jeff Bosley, Devin Thomas, “Krazy” Kenny Thomas, William Crook, John Catlett, Brandon Murphy, Mike Sestak, Kevin Boyer, Jamie Speelman DNS-Lincoln Sutphin, Robert Thompson DQ-Tyler Fisher

Hagerstown Finally Beats the Weather, Weaver Late Model Sportsman Star”

Troutman Scores in Mid Atlantic Mod Contest”
By Doug Watson 
Hagerstown, MD (4/15/23)- It was sort of homecoming for Williamsport Maryland Justin Weaver last Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway. With the schedule being pushed around by weather, the tracks season opener finally took place and Weaver would reign supreme in the 25-lap Late Model Sportsman feature. The win for Weaver, aboard his trusty Rocket no.2J, would be the 33rd of his Hagerstown career.
     Danny Zechman paced the field to green and would burst into the race lead as a field drove off turn number two. Zechman’s lead would be short lived as defending track champion Cody Kershner took over on lap three and set sail with Justin Weaver the new runner up. Kershner’s Night with suddenly and as his car quit on lap seven, Handing the lead to Weaver. Despite the repeated efforts of first Kyle Lear and then Trent Brenneman, Weaver would take the win with 21 laps completed of the time shortened event. “This track was phenomenal tonight.” Weaver stated. “Brian Jones and his crew do an amazing job.” After a fourth place finish in the late model feature Friday at Bedford, Weaver and his crew decided to swap engines and enter at Hagerstown. “Our original plan was to go to Bulls Gap Tennessee after Bedford, but with the length of the trip and low on options we just decided to swap motors in one car and keep it local.” Brenneman held tough for second, 12th starting Devin Hart took third with Danny Zechman and Levi Crowl completing the top five. Weaver said fast time in qualifying with a one lap time of 19.805 over the 30 car field as time trials locked in the top 20 with the balance of the field qualifying through a B-Main which was taken by Shawn Lawton.
    In the 25-lap Mid Atlantic Modified main it was Hyndman Pa’s Drake Troutman scoring the win in his Jerry Foster owned Longhorn no.5.It would be a weekend sweep for the youthful pilot as he would also take the E-Mod victory Friday night at Bedford. Troutman took the lead from race long leader George Dixon on the 12th lap and would then hold off a charging Mike Altobelli Jr to take the checkered flag. Dixon settled for third, Ray Kable was fourth with Justin Cullum rounding out the top five. The field of 20 was set by time trials with Dixon turning the fastest lap of 20.259.
    In support class action, Jason Stoner had a career night as he set fast time in time trials and would take both 20-lap Semi-Late features, ending his win drought that dated back to 2021. The Pure Stocks also ran twin features with Keith Reed collecting the win in the first 20-lap feature, but unfortunately rain interrupted the second event with four laps complete. The final 16 laps of this event will be spun off in next Saturday’s program.
Late Model Sportsman feature finish
Justin Weaver, Trent Brenneman, Devin Hart, Danny Zechman, Levi Crowl, Taylor Farlling, Andy Fries, Shaun Miller, Sam Archer, Rodney Walls, Matt Adams, Aaron Drummond, Jonathan Raley, Eddie Cornett, Brad Benton, Kyle Lear, Austin Warrenfeltz, Shaun Lawton, Wes Hurd, Cody Kershner, Michael Walls, Wesley Bonebrake, Jonathan DeHaven DNQ-Randy Schaeffer, Elwood Sord, Scott Palmer, Matt Murphy, Chase Bowsman
Mid Atlantic Modified feature finish
Drake Troutman, Mike Altobelli Jr, George Dixon, Ray Kable, Justin Cullum, DJ Myers, Cody Oliver, Ridge Bookwalter, TJ DeHaven, Kirk Baker, Jacob Marker, Ryan Dolan, Donnie Farlling, Brandon Inglish, Scott Heath, Frank DiBella, Cole Nagle, Brady Daniels, Roy Clower DNS-Doug Stine
Semi Late feature finish (1)
Jason Stoner, Jasen Geesaman, Chuckie Johnson, Greg Diehl, Steve Kent, Rob Nichols, Ryan Smith, Dwayne Snyder, Shane McQuay, Deakon Snyder, Kenneth Wolfe, Jeremy Mills, Dillon Wilson, Isaiah Miller, Josh Gustaf DNS-Don Woodruff
Semi Late feature finish (2)
Jason Stoner, Dillon Wilson, Jasen Geesaman, Chuckie Johnson, Rob Nichols, Josh Gustaf, Greg Diehl, Steve Kent, Shane McQuay, Jeremy Mills, Kenneth Wolfe, Dwayne Snyder, Deakon Snyder DNS-Ryan Smith, Isaiah Miller
Pure Stock feature finish (1)
Keith Reed, Nick Fogle, Dylan Beavers, Tom Caravello, Tyler Fisher, Randy Linaburg, Lincoln Sutphin, Billy Ecton Jr, Jamie Speelman, Devin Thomas, Bill Ecton Sr, Zach Frost, Carter Shank, Jeff Bosley, John Catlett, Nathaniel Younker, Blake Reed, Charles Noblitt, Brandon Murphy, Glen Grimm DNS- Sam Hoffman, Robert Thompson, Brian Shingleton, Jasper Drengler, Doug Deimler Jr

“Moore Closes Hagerstown Season With Flag to Flag Late Model Sportsman Score”

“Hardy (Crate LM), Dietz (PS), Hutton (HS) Also Take Track Victories”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (9/16/22)- Defiance Pennsylvania’s Greg “Spike” Moore had to wait a week after last Saturday’s originally scheduled “Small Car Nationals” event was lost to rain. The rescheduled event was spun off this past Friday night and the week delay didn’t hamper Moore’s effort as he lead all 30-laps of the divisions feature. The win for Moore, worth $2500, came steering his Ryan Sager owned Rocket no.22* and would be the 4th of Moore’s Hagerstown career. Read more

“Lear Finds Victory Lane In Late Model Sportsman Contest Saturday at Hagerstown”

“Deakon Snyder Takes Career First In Pure Stocks”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (8/20/22)- Severna Park Maryland’s Kyle Lear drove to his first win of the season in last Saturday nights 20-lap Late Model Sportsman main at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Lear, aboard his infamous Rocket no.151, would be the 23rd of his Hagerstown career for the former two-time division champion.

Danny Atherton and Andrew Yoder brought the field to green with Yoder vaulting into the lead as the field raced off turn two. As Yoder lead, 5th starting Kyle Lear got to 2nd by the 5th lap and set sail after Yoder. Lear was then able to run Yoder down as he would take the lead on the 8th lap, and despite the repeated challenges of Yoder, would lead the remaining 12-laps to score the popular win. “The race track was phenomenal tonight.” Lear stated post race. “We put a slider on the two car (Andrew Yoder) to get the lead and I went in so deep, it felt like I was headed to Williamsport!” Lear said with a laugh. “We had a good car tonight and this is a big win for our team.” David Williams was strong in third with Robbie Black and Sean Merkel rounding out the top five. Shaun Miller would actually take the checkered flag in third position, but failed a post race inspection, moving the eventual top-five up a spot. Scoring heat wins over the 37 car field went to Cody Kershner, Yoder, Black and Atherton with Sean Merkel and Jeff King splitting twin consolations. Read more

“Satterlee Prevails in ULMS Durboraw Tribute Saturday at Hagerstown”

“Kershner Tops Pure Stocks, Breeden Triumphs in Hobby Stocks”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (8/13/22)- Indiana Pennsylvania’s Gregg Satterlee used some late race strategy to take the win in last Saturday nights ULMS sanctioned “Nathan Durboraw Tribute” at Hagerstown Speedway. The win for Satterlee, aboard his Keyser Manufacturing Rocket no.22, would be his 6th series victory of the season and career 10th at the fabled Washington County, Maryland oval. Read more