“Moore Closes Hagerstown Season With Flag to Flag Late Model Sportsman Score”

“Hardy (Crate LM), Dietz (PS), Hutton (HS) Also Take Track Victories”

By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD (9/16/22)- Defiance Pennsylvania’s Greg “Spike” Moore had to wait a week after last Saturday’s originally scheduled “Small Car Nationals” event was lost to rain. The rescheduled event was spun off this past Friday night and the week delay didn’t hamper Moore’s effort as he lead all 30-laps of the divisions feature. The win for Moore, worth $2500, came steering his Ryan Sager owned Rocket no.22* and would be the 4th of Moore’s Hagerstown career.

Moore blasted into the lead at the drop of the green flag and would never look back as he would lead the distance to secure the coveted win. “We are definitely on a roll this season and it’s been a while since we won here at Hagerstown.” Moore stated in victory Lane. “The track was really fast tonight and we were so tight I never thought we could pull off a win. I want to thank Ryan Sager and his crew and all the people who’ve helped me throughout my career.” Devin Hart, Kyle Lee, 15th starting Shawn Shoemaker and Kenny Yoder would complete the top five. Qualifying took place last Friday and taking heats over the 40 car field were, Greg Moore, Shaun Miller, Scott Palmer and Kyle Lee with twin B-Mains going to Jonathan DeHaven and Cody Lear.

Kyle Hardy picked up where he left off as he would lead the remaining 13 circuits to score of the win in the 30-lap Crate Late Model main. This feature was started last weekend before the rains came and postponed the event until Friday. Mike Franklin, Ronnie Martin Jr., 20th starting Mike Walls and Jeremy Pilkerton rounded out the top five. Kyle Hardy, Matt Sponaugle and Codey Breeden were heat race winners.

In the 25-lap Pure Stock feature, Lernerville (PA) Speedway regular, Tyler Dietz drove to his first career Hagerstown feature win. Dillon Wilson, 2022 track champion Mike Grady Jr, Rob Nichols and Jesse Snyder trailed at the finish. Heat winners were, Tyler Dietz, Greg Diehl, Jasen Geesaman and Jesse Snyder with twin B-mains going to Laura Chamberlain and Craig Parrill.

Kristopher Hutton scored his first career Hagerstown speedway feature win in the 25 lap hobby stock feature. Hutton snared the race lead from Keith Reed on the 10th lap and would lead the distance to collect the breakthrough win. Reed held on for second with Ray Rothfus, Codey Breeden and Nick Fogle filling the front five. Heats went to Keith Reed, Nick Fogle, Cody Sumption and Hutton with B-main victories going to Doug Hoffman and Sam Hoffman.


Late Model Sportsman feature finish

Greg “Spike” Moore, Devin Hart, Kyle Lee, Shawn Shoemaker, Kenny Yoder, Andy Fries, Matt Glanden, Rodney Walls, Austin Stover, Justin Dillman, Keith Koontz, Brandon Bard, Taylor Farlling, Randy Schaeffer, Kyle Hardy, Scott Palmer, Justin Fulton, Jonathan DeHaven,Ryan Zook DNS-Shaun Miller, Andrew Yoder, Sam Archer, Cody Lear, Devin Weyandt, Dale Murphy DQ-Kyle Lear


Crate Late Model feature finish

Kyle Hardy, Mike Franklin, Ronnie Martin Jr, Mike Walls, Jeremy Pilkerton, Chuck Bowie, Matt Ashworth, Daniel Brown Jr, Dylan High, James Loar, Matt Tepper, Aaron Drummond, Megan Mann, Branson Woodward, Noah Brunell, Dustin Arnold, Bud Durboraw, Trae Armel, Jack Brown, RJ Dallape, Braeson Fulton, Matt Sponaugle, Mike Raleigh, Brian Coe Jr, Matt Glanden, Codey Breeden DNS- Ray Love Jr, Scott Sweeney Jr.


Pure Stock feature finish

Tyler Dietz, Dillon Wilson, Mike Grady Jr, Rob Nichols, Jesse Snyder, Chuckie Johnson, Brady Neff, Greg Diehl, Ricky Potter, Kody Sites, Bryan Kerns, Jish Gustaf, Ronnie Dennis, Deakon Snyder, Laura Chamberlain, Craig Parrill, Dave Radabaugh, Jason Stoner, Ryan Smith, Tony Catlett DNS-Jasen Geesaman, Josh Bloom, Jimmy Combs, Brian Weyandt Jr, Delmar Grady, Chris Transeau


Hobby Stock feature finish

Kristopher Hutton, Keith Reed, Ray Rothfuss, Codey Breeden, Nick Fogle, Cody Sumption, Brandon Churchey, Dylan Beavers, Dalton Weyant, James Speelman, Carter Shank, Doug Hoffman, Michael Knight, Skylar Barhhart, Brad Benton, Davin Kaiser, Greg Morgan, Trent Clemans, Evan Foust, Sam Hoffman, Tyler Fisher DNS- Michael Ayersman, Cory Bradley, Matt Ney, Ron Benton, Miranda Minium