Feathers Dominates Ultimate NE Series Opener at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – In the inaugural debut of the Ultimate Northeast Super Late Model Series and the 71st season opener at the Hagerstown Speedway, Trever Feathers parked his ride into victory lane at the end of the 30 lap Super Late Model feature event.

The $4,000 payday was the fourth career SLM win at the Hub City oval for the Winchester, Virginia driver of the No.20 Devenney’s Racing Engines, Barry Wright Race Cars machine.

Feathers powered past pole sitter Matt Cosner on the high side after the drop of the green flag, and led the first lap before a caution unfurled for the spun car of Scott Palmer.

Feathers was all by himself out front on the restart with the Delaware-style restart, and used it to his advantage by pulling away with clear race track.

Feathers stretched out his lead over Cosner, leading by about six seconds at the halfway point until he encountered traffic. The lead over Cosner was cut in half, but once Feathers cleared traffic, his lead expanded back to where it was.

Two late race cautions with the last setting up a one lap shootout still wasn’t enough for Cosner to make a challenge to Feathers. Feathers drove away to a convincing win.

In victory lane, Feathers said: “About halfway, the track started bolding, so I just kind of backed myself down when I caught those lapped cars. I knew I wasn’t going to pass them unless they messed up, so I just tried to be there. I was just trying to take care of my tires and pray for no cautions which we got two of them with three to go, so I’m glad we were able to come up here tonight and get the win with the Ultimate series.”

Kenny Moreland finished third, followed by Mason Zeigler and Jason Covert to round out the top five.

Quick timer of the night and picking up $100 from Roy’s Body Shop was Dale Hollidge with a best lap of 20.372 seconds. Heat race winners were Cosner, Jared Miley, Feathers, and Moreland. Ryan Montgomery won the B-main.

Michael Warrenfeltz used a last lap pass to take away the win from Craig Parrill in the Pure Stock feature. Warrenfeltz pulled along side of Parrill down low on the backstretch with half a lap remaining to take the checkered flag by a fender length.

They were followed by Dillon Wilson, Michelle Walls, and Jamie Zentmyer at the finish.

Travis Brown held off the challenges of Matt Worley and Chris Anderson as the trio raced bumper to bumper to take the checkered flag in the 15 lap U-Car Feature. The trio was trailed by Justin Williamson and Kent Leonard at the finish.

Pit Notes: 29 SLM were on hand to attempt to make the 24 car starting field that paid $400 to take the green flag.

Runner-up Cosner drew the pole for the feature, and remarked of how he would have preferred to draw the No.2 spot figuring the high side would be the preferred groove at the start. He was correct.

Parrill was back behind the wheel of his own No.34c Chevy Pure Stock instead of the Dickie Tharp No.3.

Each division boasted full fields of cars for their respective features.

Feature Results

Super Late Models – 1. 20-Trever Feathers, [2]; 2. 66C-Matt Cosner, [1]; 3. 24-Kenny Moreland, [3]; 4. 25Z-Mason Zeigler, [11]; 5. 72C-Jason Covert, [8]; 6. 46-Marvin Winters, [6]; 7. 10-Jared Miley, [4]; 8. 0-Dale Hollidge, [5]; 9. 2T-Kyle Lee, [7]; 10. 94-Jason Miller, [12]; 11. 41-Andy Anderson, [14]; 12. 119-Bryan Bernheisel, [15]; 13. B2-Brian Booze, [18]; 14. 05-Roy Deese Jr., [19]; 15. 7-Ross Robinson, [16]; 16. 82-Andy Fries, [20]; 17. 22R-Reese Masiello, [22]; 18. 12-Ryan Montgomery, [21]; 19. 11-Kirk Baker, [23]; 20. 11H-Austin Hubbard, [13]; 21. 55-Gary Stuhler, [10]; 22. 08-Keith Koontz, [24]; 23. 151-Kyle Lear, [9]; 24. 86-Scott Palmer [17].

Pure Stock – 1. 12-Michael Warrenfeltz, [7]; 2. 34C-Craig Parrill,[5]; 3. 65-Dillon Wilson, [11]; 4. 1W-Michelle Walls, [6]; 5. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer, [8]; 6. 19M-Bobby Meixsell, [14]; 7. 36A-Sam Archer, \[9]; 8. 34-James Parrill, [17]; 9. 27-Tom Wakefield, [15]; 10. 81-Andrew Fertig, [18]; 11. 6R-Joe Rodgers, [20]; 12. 6-Wayne Hawbaker, [3]; 13. 57-William Ecton Jr., [19]; 14. 64-William Crook, [25]; 15. 54-John Catlett, [16]; 16. 18-Charles Shearer, [21]; 17. 25X-Jeremy Mills, [23]; 18. 28-Ethan Ours, [1]; 19. 19-Danny Atherton, [2]; 20. 94-Dalton Myers, [13]; 21. 03-Bryan Neff, [4]; 22. S7-Doug Hoffman, [10]; 23. 69-Dwayne Snyder, [12]; (DNS) 22-Jamey Swank, 81F-Gary Calimer Jr.

U-Cars – 1. 47-Travis Brown, [3]; 2. 6W-Matt Worley, [1]; 3. 15A-Chris Anderson, [6]; 4. 405-Justin Williamson, [2]; 5. 26-Kent Leonard, [9]; 6. 00-Anthony Varner, [4]; 7. 64F-Travis Semple, [24]; 8. 23-Devin Iser, [18]; 9. 22-Wayne Brenize, [10]; 10. 11S-Charles Stallman, [12]; 11. 21-Jerry Barker, [16]; 12. 39-Robert Paczkowski, [5]; 13. 40-Noah Swank, [15]; 14. X-Geoff Carl, [13]; 15. 57-Steven Martin, [19]; 16. 18-Kala Varner, [11]; 17. 80-Dale Varner Jr., [14]; 18. 8W-Kyle Frankenberry, [22]; 19. 58J-Jeremy Miller, [8]; 20. 4-Patrick Crawford, [23]; 21. 19G-Greg Scott, [21]; 22. 95D-Dustin Detrick, [20]; 23. 3-Joe Waters, [25]; 24. 15-Larry Lamb, [17]; 25. 23B-Derek Iser, [7]