“Hart Wraps Up Championship Season With Friday Hagerstown Score. Hollidge Collects Career First Crate Late Model Main”

By Doug Watson
   Hagerstown, MD (9-1-23) Port Royal Pa’s Devin Hart drove to his 3rd win of the season in Friday nights 20-lap Late Model Sportsman feature at Hagerstown Speedway, and in the process claimed the 2023 division championship. 

   Hart and Cody Lear brought the field to green with Lear assuming the lead as the field raised off turn number two. As Lear set the pace, Devin Hart locked into second and would eventually make the winning pass on the ninth circuit and would cruise home unchallenged to the win. Eventual runner-up Greg Moore stayed within striking distance, but could not get close enough to make an attempt for the lead, and would settle for second place money. “This has been an unbelievable season.” Hart stated post race after his 8th overall win of 2023. “Cody got us there at the start but once I was able to get my rhythm I knew we had a pretty good car.” Winning the track title put an exclamation point on a great season. “We decided to run for points here this year and it was a good decision because we’ve had a lot of fun coming down here this season.”

Cody Lear held tough for third with veteran Brad Omps and eventual point runner up Levi Crowl rounding out the top five. Heats went to Hart and Lear.
Dale Hollidge took the lead on the first lap and held off teammate Trae Armel to score his first career Hagerstown Crate Late Model win. “We’ve been working on some new stuff with the car trying to find some speed for the last month or so, and Mark Richards got us on do some good info and we have been running really well since.” Chuck Bowie, Codey Breeden and Jarrett Edwards trailed at the finish. Hollidge and Bowie scored heat race victories.
Jason Stoner continued his domination of the Semi Late class as he drove to his 9th win of the season. Steve Kent, Greg Diehl, Ryan Smith and Jasen Geesaman completed the top five. With his 5th place finish, Jasen Geesaman was crowned the 2023 track champion. Jamey Swank and Geesaman took heat wins.
Keith Reed continued his dream season as he rolled his 6th win of the season and the 2023 Pure Stock championship. Tyler Fisher, Nick Fogle, Nathan Younker and 14th starting Billy Ecton Jr. Rounded out the top five. Heats went to Fogle, Younker and Reed.
Late Model Sportsman (20 laps)
Devin Hart, Greg “Spike” Moore, Cody Lear, Brad Omps, Levi Crowl, Mike Walls, Danny Atherton, Justin Dillman, Matt Murphy, Brandon Bard, Wesley Bonebrake, Scott Palmer, Randy Schaeffer, DJ Garrett, Michael Walls, Keith Koontz, Cody Kershner DNS- Eric Cronise, Austin Warrenfeltz
Crate Late Models (20 laps)
Dale Hollidge, Trae Armel, Chuck Bowie, Codey Breeden, Jarrett Edwards, Scott Sweeney Jr, Brayden Anderson, Brian Coe Jr, Steve Weddles, Craig Guido, Brandon Bowman, Jim McBee DNS- Dylan High
Semi Lates (15 laps)
Jason Stoner, Steve Kent, Greg Diehl, Ryan Smith, Jasen Geesaman, Rob Nichols, Jamey Swank, Shane McQuay, Dwayne Snyder, Kenneth Wolfe, Dillon Wilson, Isaiah Miller, Jeremy Mills, Jim Farley, Brady Neff, Bryan Kerns
Pure Stocks (15 laps)
Keith Reed, Tyler Fisher, Nick Fogle, Nathan Younker, Billy Ecton Jr, William Crook, Jamie Speelman, Bailey Johnson, Dustin Proctor, Jeff Bosley, Carter Shank, Randy Linaburg, Blake Reed, Andrew Saffelle, Mike Fuller, Brandon Churchey, Evan Foust, Kevin Boyer, Billy Ecton Sr, Dylan Beavers DNS- Josh Ringer