By Doug Watson
  Hagerstown MD, (9/17/23)- Maryland’s Hagerstown Speedway closed their 2023 season with the running of the tracks annual Small Car Nationals event last weekend.
  Friday night opened the first night of the two day event and found Stephens City Va’s Kyle Hardy taking the win in the 30-lap Crate Late Model feature. Hardy’s 4th career division win was worth $2000 and it came steering his family owned Rocket no.99. Hardy snared the race lead from Kyle Lee on the 9th lap and would have to survive a lap-28 caution to become the 5th different winner in the six races run for the class this season. “When the green came out I thought it was going to be the Kyle Lee show tonight.” Hardy stated post race. “I have a ton of respect for Kyle, and I knew it was going to be tough beating him in clean air but I took a deep breath and focused on what I had to do and we were lucky enough to get by him.” Lee held tough for second with Braeden Dillinger, Cody Breeden and 11th starting Brian Booze completing the top five. Taking heat race wins over the 28 car field were, Michael Duritsky, Kyle Lee and Dale Hollidge with Brayden Anderson winning the B Main.
   After a solid runner up performance in Friday’s Crate Late Model main, Mercersburg Pa’s Kyle Lee drove his Dougie Timmons owned Rocket no.2T to a win in the 30-lap Late Model Sportsman main. Lee took the lead on the first lap, and would eventually lead the distance to collect his 8th career division win and become the 9th different winner of the 2023 season. Following Lee to the finish were Ryan Zook, Wesley Bonebrake, Levi Crowl and 2023 track champion Devin Hart who came from 21st on the grid after problems in qualifying. Shawn Shoemaker, Wesley Bonebrake and Kyle Lear took heat wins over the 30 cars entered with Devin Weyandt taking the B Main win.
   Nick Fogle scored of the biggest win of his career as he took the win in Friday nights 25-lap “Zack Reid Tribute” Pure Stock event. Fogle took the lead from Jasen Geesaman on the 16th lap and would drive off on contested to collect his 3rd win of the season. Tyler Fisher, Kristopher Hutton, Cody Sumption and 15th starting Dylan Beavers trailed at the finish. Taking heat race wins over the 38 car field were 2023 track champion Keith Reed, Tyler Fisher, Jason Wilkins and Nathan Younker with twin B Mains going to Cody Jarvie and Dakota Moreland.
  Saturday’s Semi Late action found Jason Stoner capping off his career season as he took his 10th win of the season in their 25-lap feature. Stoner wrestled the lead from Dillon Wilson on the 9th lap and would have to repel 2023 track champion Jasen Geesaman to preserve the win. Tyler Gray, Scotty Nelson and 23rd starting Steve Kent rounded out the top five. Scoring heat wins over the 32 entries were Jasen Geesaman, Isaiah Miller, Tyler Gray and Chuckie Johnson with the B Main going to Trent Holmes.
Late Model Sportsman (30-laps)
Kyle Lee, Ryan Zook, Wesley Bonebrake, Levi Crowl, Devin Hart, Kyle Lear, Shawn Shoemaker, Austin Berry, Greg “Spike” Moore, Andy Fries, Austin Stover, Cody Lear, Scott Palmer, Kaiden Bard, Kenny Yoder, Wayne Dillman, Justin Weaver, Matt Parks, Danny Atherton, Keith Koontz, Roy Deese Jr, Cody Kershner, Devin Weyandt, Matt Glanden DNQ- DJ Garrett, Ryan Walls, Mason Strait, Matt Williamson, Adam Souders, Austin Warrenfeltz
Semi Lates (25-laps)
Jason Stoner, Jasen Geesaman, Tyler Gray, Scotty Nelson, Steve Kent, Kody Sites, John Miller, Bradlee Means, Chuckie Johnson, Jamey Swank, Trent Holmes, Rob Nichols, Brady Neff, Joey Zambotti, Brian Weyandt Jr, Isaiah Miller, Dave Brown, Dillon Wilson, Nick Bechtel, Kyle Deneen, Ricky Potter, Ryan Smith, Brett Hutira, Tony Catlett DNQ- Greg Diehl, Andy Adkins, Raymond Reed, Delmar “Cooter” Grady, Josh Bloom, Dwayne Snyder, Josh Gustaf, Bryan Kerns
Crate Late Models (30-laps)
Kyle Hardy, Kyle Lee, Braeden Dillinger, Cody Breeden, Brian Booze, Dale Hollidge, Chuck Bowie, Ryan Frazee, Davin Kaiser, Jack Brown, Mike Walls, Ronnie Martin Jr, Matt Adams, Megan Mann, Nick Love, Branson Woodward, Craig Guido, Joe Moyer, Noah Brunell, Matt Hill, Brian Coe Jr, Matt Tepper, Trae Armel, Brayden Anderson DNS-Michael Duritsky DNQ- Scott Sweeney Jr, Brandon Bowman, Tristin Neiderer
Pure Stocks (25-laps)
Nick Fogle, Tyler Fisher, Kristopher Hutton, Cody Sumption, Dylan  Beavers, Andrew Saffelle, Randy Linaburg, Bailey Johnson, Brandon Churchey, Billy Ecton Jr, Robert Wilson, Dakota Moreland, Billy Ecton Sr, Mike Fuller, Carter Shank, Matt Ney, Jasen Geesaman, Jason Wilkins, Nathan Younker, Dustin Proctor, Cody Jarvie, Evan Foust, Tommy Caravello, Willie Ling, Keith Reed DNS- Michael Knight DNQ- Josh Ringer, Jeff Bosley, Jeff Spaulding, Brad Benton, Rodney Miner, Joseph Talley, Jamie Speelman, Clint Shaw, Corbin Rowland, Tommy Whitt, Roy Stevens III