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Shatzer Scores Hometown Win, Brannons 1-2 at Hagerstown

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Dylan Shatzer didn’t have far to go to pick up his first career win in IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car competition as the Hagerstown, Maryland resident became the seventh different IMCA RaceSaver winner in seven series events held at Hagerstown Speedway on Dad’s Night Out.

Shatzer dominated the 20 lap feature as he leapt into the lead from his fourth place start on the outside of Scott Lutz and Tom Humphries. Shatzer had a straightaway advantage over Lutz by the fifth circuit and lengthen his lead until Humphries came to a stop bring out a caution.

On the restart, Shatzer again pulled away from Lutz, but Jerald Harris entered into the fold as he got past Lutz for second. With just five laps remaining, Shatzer had another full straightway lead and maintained that margin until the checkered flag.

“I live in Hagerstown. It took me ten minutes to get here today, and it’s my second time racing here ever. Came out on top, so this one really means a lot in front of a lot friends and family”, said Shatzer.

Harris, Lutz, Donny Hendershot and Brad Mellott completed the top five.

Devin Brannon picked up his first career win in FASTRAK Crate Late Model action over his father Allen Brannon. The younger Brannon lead all of the 20 lapper while holding off the elder Brannon in a non-stop race.

Brannon said: “I knew the lapped traffic I seen it coming, and they was gonna be hard to get around, but, I thought my dad was gonna close in on me in lapped traffic and get around me, but I guess we did alright.”

Following the Brannons across the checkered flag was Tyler Bare who just nipped past Levi Crowl for third, and Tyler Hoy finished fifth.

Marvin Winters picked up the win in the 20 lap Late Model Sportsman feature driving the second car for racer Barry Miller. The McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania veteran got the jump over Justin Weaver at the start and wired the field for his 47th career win in the LMS division, and his first win in LMS competition since 2004.

Miller drove his new car to a solid third place finish, followed by Rodney Walls and Taylor Farlling.

Jamey Swank made a long tow to Hagerstown from Somerset, Pennsylvania and had a long way to go in the 15 lap Pure Stock feature as he took the win from his 16th-place start on the grid.

Swank passed race-long leader Craig Parrill coming off of turn three to the white flag and held off Parrill to claim his first career win at Hagerstown Spedway.

Following the lead duo at the finish in the top five were Bryan Kerns, Danny Atherton, and Joshua Bloom.

Jonathan Raley held off a hard charging Brady Daniels in a door-to-door battle to win the 15 lap Hobby Stock nightcap. Codey Breeden was third, followed by Sam Caravello in fourth, and Zach Reid in fifth.

Notes: Breeden claimed a $50 hard charger bonus courtesy of Team 11A Racing in memory of Vietnam War veteran and race fan Rodney Bulger and picked up an additional $50 bonus for finishing third in memory of former racer Eric Johnson.

FASTRAK racer Donnie Tepper suffered some misfortunes in his heat race as a few cars got together coming off of turn four causing him to barrel roll a couple of times. Tepper was uninjured.

89 entries across five divisions filled the pit area and another well-supported show of people in the grandstands continues a nice trend for the 2020 season at Hagerstown Speedway.

Feature Results

IMCA RaceSaver Sprints – 1. 75-Dylan Shatzer[4]; 2. J9-Jerald Harris[3]; 3. 33-Scott Lutz[2]; 4. 31-Donny Hendershot[6]; 5. 6X-Brad Mellott[8]; 6. 44V-Daren Bolac[5]; 7. R6-Reed Thompson[7]; 8. 5K-Michael Keeton Jr[10]; 9. 54M-Todd Lynn[15]; 10. 88VA-Bill Rice[12]; 11. 13-Kurt Knepper[9]; 12. 43-Chris Ware[11]; 13. 54-Matt Mullins[13]; 14. 39-Tom Humphries[1]; 15. (DNS) 77-Mike Leraas

FASTRAK Crate Late Models – 1. 37-Devin Brannon[1]; 2. 30B-Allen Brannon[2]; 3. 43A-Tyler Bare[7]; 4. 5-Levi Crowl[3]; 5. 71T-Tyler Hoy[4]; 6. 200-Samuel Bryant[6]; 7. 47-Matt Quade[10]; 8. 66-Justin Kann[12]; 9. 14C-Chuck Bowie[8]; 10. 80-Joey Love[5]; 11. 52-Bryan Benton[9]; 12. M14-Transtan Stoner[14]; 13. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[18]; 14. 27-Cuyler Upperman[15]; 15. 14-Jennae Piper[13]; 16. 12C-Cody Cubbage[16]; 17. 215-Al Shawver Jr[22]; 18. 12R-Michael Raleigh[11]; 19. 38L-Nick Love[20]; 20. 12-Wes Hurd[19]; 21. 38-Carl Biddle[21]; 22. (DNS) 9T-Donnie Tepper

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 88W-Marvin Winters[2]; 2. 2J-Justin Weaver[1]; 3. 88-Barry Miller[10]; 4. 85-Rodney Walls[5]; 5. 48-Donnie Farlling[7]; 6. 82-Andy Fries[8]; 7. 118-Sean Merkel[6]; 8. 44-Shawn Shoemaker[20]; 9. 08K-Zach Kauffman[14]; 10. 53-Tyler Kirby[3]; 11. 8-James Lichliter[21]; 12. 21M-Chad Myers[18]; 13. 8F-Taylor Farlling[12]; 14. 2-Dan Zechman[16]; 15. 11-Austin Warrenfeltz[17]; 16. 21-Jakob Piper[11]; 17. 99W-Garrett Walls[15]; 18. 86-Scott Palmer[9]; 19. 43-Cody Kershner[4]; 20. 36-Sam Archer[13]; 21. 24R-John Rowland[19]

Pure Stock – 1. 22-Jamey Swank[16]; 2. 34C-Craig Parrill[2]; 3. 83-Bryan Kerns[3]; 4. 19-Danny Atherton[4]; 5. 00-Joshua Bloom[17]; 6. 11-Dylan Rutherford[15]; 7. 65-Dillon Wilson[5]; 8. 2-Randy Zechman[6]; 9. 88-Khi Swanger[8]; 10. 56-Gregory Laird[10]; 11. 6-Wayne Hawbaker[9]; 12. 44-Gerald Burton[13]; 13. 76-Mason Strait[11]; 14. 69-Dwayne Snyder[1]; 15. 03-Bryan Neff[14]; 16. 51-Mark Patterson[7]; 17. 10-Andrew Fertig[12]

Hobby Stock – 1. 22-Jonathan Raley[2]; 2. 76-Brady Daniels[4]; 3. 14-Codey Breeden[7]; 4. 41-Sam Caravello[3]; 5. ZR1-Zack Reid[5]; 6. 5-Charlie Clise[1]; 7. 00-Charles Noblitt[8]; 8. 45-John Catlett[10]; 9. 75-Courtney Deshong[9]; 10. 62-Dylan Beavers[13]; 11. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain[6]; 12. 03-Gary Breeden[12]; 13. (DNS) 38M-Matt Mellott

Quade Gets LMS First, Altobelli Scores MAM Opener

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Derick Quade has come close to winning a Late Model Sportsman feature a few times in his career, but the driver hailing from Mechanicsville, Maryland finally saw the checkered flag while leading to score his first ever LMS win at Hagerstown Speedway.

Quade came from sixth to take the lead from veteran Scott Palmer on Lap 13 of the 20 lap feature event following a restart with a topside pass off of turn two down the backstretch.

With four laps to go, another restart was needed, and Quade fended off Palmer’s challenge on the last lap to hang onto victory.

“It’s never easy here. We’d always start out good here, but could never finish it off for some reason. This place has been a struggle for a long time, and I’m just super excited to get this one. This is awesome”, said Quade.

Rounding out the top five were James Lichliter, Dan Zechman, and 12th-place starter Taylor Farlling.

Michael Altobelli scored the series season opener for the Mid Atlantic Modifieds in race that had a tough time getting started. But once it got rolling, Altobelli battled Ray Kable for several laps before taking command and going away to his third career win at Hagerstown.

Finishing third was former MAM series champion Brad Kling, followed by Mike Corbin who came from 13th on the grid to finish fourth, and fifth place finisher Carl McKinney.

The Pure Stock and Hobby Stock divisions each raced in a split feature format. Jeremy Tinsman and Wayne Hawbaker each scored a PS feature win, while Brady Daniels and Craig Kline took home the checkered flags in HS.

Notes: Once again, Hagerstown Speedway played host to a grand field of cars in the pit area with the MAM having the most at 44 cars entered for competition. It was also another show on a very racy surface that was well-supported in the grandstands.

LMS rookie Austin Warrenfeltz made a great charge from 21st to 10th, as did MAM competitor Justin Cullum, respectively.

Hawbaker’s PS win was his first since 2011, ending a long drought from victory lane, and Kline’s win was his first in HS. Even though Kline had never officially retired from racing, he said that it had been “quite a while” since he last raced.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman – 1. 74-Derick Quade[6]; 2. 86-Scott Palmer[2]; 3. 8-James Lichliter[9]; 4. 2-Dan Zechman[8]; 5. 8F-Taylor Farlling[12]; 6. 08-Keith Koontz[3]; 7. 43-Cody Kershner[15]; 8. 11S-Austin Stover[4]; 9. 85-Rodney Walls[1]; 10. 11-Austin Warrenfeltz[21]; 11. 21-Jakob Piper[18]; 12. 5X-Brad Omps[13]; 13. 08K-Zach Kauffman[11]; 14. 16-Justin Dillman[24]; 15. 24R-John Rowland[20]; 16. 99W-Garrett Walls[19]; 17. 15-Jordan Kaufman[14]; 18. 12-Wes Hurd[22]; 19. 38-Carl Biddle[23]; 20. 39-Tom Chaffins[25]; 21. 19-Jonathan DeHaven[17]; 22. 11B-Ronnie Bottenfield[10]; 23. 48-Donnie Farlling[5]; 24. 17H-Richard Hawkins[16]; 25. (DNS) 0TWO-Randy Burkholder; 26. (DNS) 36-Sam Archer

Mid Atlantic Modifieds – 1. 95-Michael Altobelli [4]; 2. 90-Ray Kable[1]; 3. 11-Brad Kling[5]; 4. 25-Mike Corbin[13]; 5. 6M-Carl McKinney[8]; 6. 41-Cody Williams[15]; 7. 51-Joey Polevoy[9]; 8. 5-Jerry Foster[10]; 9. 36G-Brandon Galloway[11]; 10. 95J-Justin Cullum[21]; 11. 1$-Dale Smith[12]; 12. 7+7-Jeff Solinger[6]; 13. 26D-Derek Deusenberry[2]; 14. 43-Josh Harris[23]; 15. 21H-Kyle Lloyd[22]; 16. 55-Alyssa Rowe[24]; 17. 20-Travis Clower[18]; 18. 59-Doug Stine[14]; 19. D3-Curtis Dunn[16]; 20. 80-Keith Reed[19]; 21. 4-Nick DiBella[17]; 22. 12R-Ty Rhoades[7]; 23. 8-Tim Fedder[3]; 24. 60-Brandon Householder[20]; 25. 0-Haley Kaiser[25]

Pure Stock – (Feature One) 1. 8-Jeremy Tinsman[1]; 2. 34C-Craig Parrill[5]; 3. 21-Jason Stoner[4]; 4. 19-Danny Atherton[9]; 5. 65-Dillon Wilson[7]; 6. 129X-Jimmy Combs[3]; 7. 69-Hunter Snyder[8]; 8. 56-Gregory Laird[6]; 9. 83-Bryan Kerns[2]

(Feature Two) 1. 6-Wayne Hawbaker[1]; 2. 2-Randy Zechman[3]; 3. 51-Mark Patterson[5]; 4. 44-Gerald Burton[4]; 5. 76-Mason Strait[6]; 6. 18-Chris Transeau[8]; 7. 62-Danny Beavers Jr[2]; 8. 10-Andrew Fertig[7]

Hobby Stock – (Feature One)  1. 76-Brady Daniels[2]; 2. 19-Mike Fuller[1]; 3. 14-Codey Breeden[3]; 4. 22-Robert Thompson[6]; 5. 75-Courtney Deshong[7]; 6. (DNS) 15-Scot Sipes; 7. (DNS) 41-Sam Caravello

(Feature 2)  1. 03-Craig Kline[1]; 2. 00-Charles Noblitt[3]; 3. 04-Dakota Moreland[6]; 4. ZR1-Zack Reid[2]; 5. 62-Dylan Beavers[7]; 6. 17-Randy Linaburg[5]; 7. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain[4]

Weaver, Tinsman, and Breeden Grab Hub City Honors

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Justin Weaver may have started on the pole position, but he didn’t lead every lap and had to battle his way to victory to take the honors in winning the very competitive Late Model Sportsman portion of the Hub City 100.

The 3-time LMS track champion from Williamsport, Maryland had to battle Bunker Hill, West Virginia’s Andy Anderson early and often as Anderson took the lead at the start and the second lap.

On the third circuit, Weaver drove his familiar No.2j back around Anderson’s Bruce Kane owned No.25 to lead before a caution for the broken driveshaft of Dan Zechman brought the first of two immediate caution flags.

The next caution happened on the restart as a five car pileup brought the field back on the yellow flag.

Once the feature resumed, Anderson passed Weaver to regain the lead coming off the second corner to lead the fourth lap. Anderson held off Weaver until near the halfway point before the pair swapped the lead at laps 15 and 16.

As they approached traffic, they stayed side-by-side for a few more laps before Weaver nosed past Anderson to lead the twentieth lap. Weaver was then able to place a distance of a quarter straightaway over Anderson, and maintained that distance through heavier traffic until the checkered flag flew at Lap 35.

The win was worth $2,000 and was Weaver’s 28th LMS career win.

“Yeah, he (Anderson) was pretty good there in the beginning, and I knew we had a good piece. I didn’t know if I had a good enough piece to get back by him, but we kept working that bottom…..It just all worked out. I think Andy wore his stuff out there at the end, and we just had a good piece at the end”, Weaver stated in victory lane.

Finishing behind Anderson in third was Dillan Stake, while Spike Moore and Marvin Winters made up the top five.

The 25 lap Pure Stock featured numerous battles for the lead with several lead changes amongst a few drivers. But it began with a quick caution for the spun car of Wayne Hawbaker that setup a complete restart.

That restart came at a cost to eight competitors in a massive pileup coming to the green flag that led to red flag and lengthy delay to clear the wreckage. All those involved were uninjured.

Craig Parrill lead the way for five laps before yielding the position to Jasen Geesaman. Geesaman was strong as Parrill faded back, while Rob Nichols entered the picture. Nichols battled past Parrill on Lap 9 into second place, then Jeremy Tinsman made his presence known.

Tinsman worked his way around Michael Warrenfeltz and Geesaman into second, and was hounding Nichols for the lead before Parrill stopped on the track in turn four to bring out the caution on Lap 17.

On the restart, Nichols passed Geesaman to lead Lap 18, and another caution flag waved. Geeseman then lost a few spots as this put Tinsman on the hunt for Nichols.

With just three laps to go, Tinsman passed Nichols, then Nichols returned the favor racing door-to-door to reclaim the lead briefly before breaking with two laps remaining.

This put Jason Stoner on Tinsman the final restart with a side by side battle to the finish with Tinsman taking the win by just a car length in a thrilling finish.

Warrenfeltz  held on to third, while Joshua Bloom quietly came from mid-pack to take fourth, and Hawbaker made up for his earlier miscue to finish fifth.

The Hobby Stock nightcap will be best remembered for the finish as two young drivers battled for the same piece of real estate coming to the checkered flag reminiscent of Ricky Craven and Kurt Busch in 2003 at Darlington Raceway.

Last week’s winner Brady Daniels took the lead from Tom Caravello on the fifth lap, and led at the tenth lap when a caution flag setup the last five laps and a wild finish.

Codey Breeden, driving a borrowed car moved into second, and began his chase of Daniels. With a lap to go, Breeden closed in Daniels’ bumper. Coming to the checkered flag, Breeden got underneath Daniels off of turn four, and made contact enough that squeezed Daniels into the outside wall and enough to squeak by to claim his first career win.

Cody Sumption, Sam Caravello, and Kevin Boyer completed the top five.

Notes: Another great turnout of entries in the pit area for the Hub City 100 showed up as there were 53 Late Model Sportsman, 29 Pure Stocks, and 24 Hobby Stocks in action.

Weaver set fast time with a lap of 19.380 seconds in LMS time trials. Unofficially, practice times in hot laps eclipsed the official track record lap times in the LMS and PS divisions.

It was a typical “full moon” night that was long, but saw plenty of action. However, because of an impending curfew time, track officials made the decision to cut the laps of the LMS and HS features to 35 and 15 laps from 50 and 25 laps, respectively.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman –  1. 2J-Justin Weaver[1]; 2. 25-Andy Anderson[2]; 3. D19-Dillan Stake[4]; 4. 48W-Greg Moore[3]; 5. 88-Marvin Winters[8]; 6. 74-Derick Quade[5]; 7. 21-Chad Myers[19]; 8. 23-Tyler Emory[7]; 9. 33K-Devin Hart[9]; 10. 82-Andy Fries[16]; 11. 86-Scott Palmer[10]; 12. 43-Cody Kershner[11]; 13. 44-Shawn Shoemaker[17]; 14. 6D-Wayne Dillman[21]; 15. 08-Keith Koontz[12]; 16. 92-Walter Crouch[22]; 17. 15K-Bruce Kane[18]; 18. 72D-Dale Murphy[24]; 19. 5X-Brad Omps[23]; 20. 88X-Devin Weyandt[6]; 21. 48-Donnie Farlling[14]; 22. 8-James Lichliter[13]; 23. 2-Dan Zechman[15]; 24. 33T-Trent Brenneman[20]

Pure Stock – 8-Jeremy Tinsman[8]; 2. 21-Jason Stoner[3]; 3. 55-Michael Warrenfeltz[1]; 4. 00-Joshua Bloom[7]; 5. 6-Wayne Hawbaker[18]; 6. 28-Ethan Ours[19]; 7. 83-Bryan Kerns[21]; 8. 11-Dylan Rutherford[11]; 9. 3J-Jerry Jenkins Jr[14]; 10. 54-Delmer Grady[24]; 11. 7N-Rob Nichols[9]; 12. 81-Jasen Geesaman[4]; 13. 3W-Branson Woodward[5]; 14. 34C-Craig Parrill[2]; 15. 47-Anastasios Loizos[23]; 16. 129X-Jimmy Combs[6]; 17. 21W-Will Walls[13]; 18. 65-Dillon Wilson[10]; 19. S7-Kory Sites[12]; 20. 22-Jamey Swank[16]; 21. 19-Danny Atherton[15]; 22. 214-Kyle Sizemore[20]; 23. 2-Randy Zechman[17]; 24. 69-Dwayne Snyder[22]

Hobby Stock – 1. 03-Codey Breeden[6]; 2. 76-Brady Daniels[3]; 3. 20-Cody Sumption[9]; 4. 41-Sam Caravello[4]; 5. 22-Kevin Boyer[5]; 6. 100-Dalton Dillman[12]; 7. 38M-Matt Mellott[13]; 8. 15-Scot Sipes[15]; 9. 17-Randy Linaburg[2]; 10. 04-Dakota Moreland[18]; 11. ZR1-Zack Reid[16]; 12. 45-John Catlett[19]; 13. 28-Brad Umbrell[14]; 14. 62-Dylan Beavers[11]; 15. 141-Tom Caravello[1]; 16. 75-Justin Rosenberger[8]; 17. 00-Charles Noblitt[10]; 18. 19-Mike Fuller[7]; 19. (DNS) 12LC-Laura Chamberlain; 20. (DNS) 5-Charlie Clise; 21. (DNS) 64-William Crook; 22. (DNS) 51-Seth Jones; 23. (DNS) 03-Craig Kline; 24. (DNS) 0-Jamie Mills

Hagerstown Opener Accolades to Lee, Daniels, and Zambotti

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Kyle Lee drove from his seventh-place start to the Super Late Model victory in an exciting 73rd season opener at Hagerstown Speedway. It was the third career SLM win for the former track champion out of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania behind the wheel of his D & D Auto Recycling No.2t.

Nick Dickson and Andy Anderson paced the field at the start, with Anderson taking the top spot on the backstretch to lead the first circuit. While Anderson and Dickson were out front, Trever Feathers quickly moved into third from his fourth row start.

Anderson had a five car length advantage over Dickson in the Bruce Kane Racing No.25 by the tenth lap, and raced into traffic by the halfway mark. By this point, Feathers began hounding Dickson for second place, and then Lee entered into the fold moving past Feathers.

A caution for debris erased Anderson’s lead and setup a wild restart on Lap 17. Anderson’s car didn’t fire off the corner well on the restart. Dickson regained the top position for a lap while a four car battle jumbled off of turn two for third.

Logan Roberson moved from sixth to third, and then Lee moved around Dickson for the lead the next lap before the caution waved for Anderson, who went pitside.

On the final restart of the 25 lap main event, Lee charged away from Dickson and Roberson as Feathers moved in to second over the last few laps. But Feathers couldn’t mount a serious challenge as Lee drove away to victory.

“The fans come to see a race and I think that’s what they seen”, said Lee in his winner’s interview with Richard Newcomer. “I know everybody’s anxious to come out and watch the races, and I was anxious to get back to a local track. The track was great tonight. It’s the raciest I’ve seen Hagerstown in a long time, and I hope it’s a good start to the year”.

Dickson was third, followed by Roberson, and Justin Weaver rounded out the top five.

Brady Daniels resumed his winning ways in picking up the first Hobby Stock feature win of the 2020 season. It was his fourth career win.

Daniels picked up the lead on Lap 9, passing pole sitter Cody Sumption, who led the opening laps of the 15 lap feature event.

Tom Caravello also passed Sumption into second place on Lap 9, and battled Daniels briefly for the lead, but the recent high school graduate from Harrisonvile, Pennsylvania held Caravello off the rest of the way.

Sumption finished third in his Ford Thunderbird amongst a field of GM products. Finishing fourth and fifth were Andrew Fertig and Codey Breeden.

Joey Zambotti repeated opening night wins as he made the long tow from Kittanning, Pennsylvania worth the trip to score his seventh career triumph at Hagerstown in the15 lap Pure Stock feature. Zambotti dominated the race, but had to hold off Michael Warrenfeltz on a late race restart to take the win.

They were followed by Dylan Rutherford, Randy Zechman, and Wayne Hawbaker at the finish.

Notes: A great turnout of cars showed in the pit area, and a great show of support in the grandstands was on hand for the season opener.

Each feature winner respectively won their qualifying heat race, but neither of them started on the pole.

Daniels and Zambotti each earned guaranteed starts in next weekend’s Hub City 100.

Kenny Moreland had a great drive in the SLM feature to finish seventh after winning the B-main to earn the 19th spot on the feature grid. Numerous drivers made advances from their starting spots proving how good the racing and track conditions were.

Feature Results

Super Late Models –  1. 2T-Kyle Lee[7]; 2. 20-Trever Feathers[6]; 3. 17D-Nick Dickson[1]; 4. 17-Logan Roberson[8]; 5. 41-Justin Weaver[10]; 6. 46-Marvin Winters[5]; 7. 24-Kenny Moreland[19]; 8. 4-Gary Stuhler[11]; 9. 05-Roy Deese Jr[9]; 10. 14-Tyler Horst[14]; 11. 86X-Austin Berry[4]; 12. 11B-Brian Booze[13]; 13. 2-Dan Zechman[15]; 14. 21-Chad Myers[3]; 15. 8F-Taylor Farlling[20]; 16. D19-Dillon Stake[17]; 17. 08-Keith Koontz[23]; 18. 11-Kirk Baker[12]; 19. 8-Matt Sponaugle[16]; 20. 48-Donnie Farlling[21]; 21. 93-Cory Lawler[24]; 22. 25-Andy Anderson[2]; 23. 86-Scott Palmer[22]; 24. (DNS) 13D-Jonathan DeHaven

Pure Stock – 1. 948-Joey Zambotti III[4]; 2. 55-Michael Warrenfeltz[2]; 3. 11-Dylan Rutherford[10]; 4. 2-Randy Zechman[8]; 5. 6-Wayne Hawbaker[9]; 6. 28-Ethan Ours[19]; 7. 83-Bryan Kerns[11]; 8. 00-Joshua Bloom[15]; 9. 21-Jason Stoner[3]; 10. 65-Dillon Wilson[13]; 11. 34C-Craig Parrill[5]; 12. 19M-Bobby Meixsell[12]; 13. 19-Danny Atherton[1]; 14. 7N-Rob Nichols[20]; 15. 69-Dwayne Snyder[23]; 16. 3J-Jerry Jenkins Jr[7]; 17. 3W-Branson Woodward[16]; 18. 62-Danny Beavers Jr[21]; 19. 88-Khi Swanger[22]; 20. 47-Tike Loizos[24]; 21. 15-Michael Carter[14]; 22. S7-Kory Sites[6]; 23. 70-Bobby Franklin[17]; 24. 56-Gregory Laird[18]

Hobby Stock – 1. 76-Brady Daniels[5]; 2. 141-Tom Caravello[4]; 3. 20-Cody Sumption[1]; 4. 10-Andrew Fertig[2]; 5. 14-Codey Breeden[8]; 6. 100-Dalton Dillman[3]; 7. 45-John Catlett[15]; 8. 5-Charlie Clise[7]; 9. 41-Sam Caravello[17]; 10. 64-William Crook[21]; 11. 28-Kyle Deneen[16]; 12. 04-Dakota Moreland[20]; 13. 39-Dalton Ritchey[14]; 14. 16B-Bryce Broadwater[18]; 15. 62-Dylan Beavers[19]; 16. 9-Jason Wilkins[6]; 17. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain[13]; 18. ZR1-Zack Reid[10]; 19. 00-Charles Noblitt[22]; 20. 19-Mike Fuller[9]; 21. (DNS) 03-Joe Rodgers; 22. (DNS) 12-Chad Brill; 23. (DNS) 11M-Gene Miller

All Stars Win to Reutzel, RaceSaver Win to Ritchey

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Aaron Reutzel dominated the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions race at Hagerstown Speedway on Sunday night, picking up his 15th win of the 2019 season.

The Clute, Texas driver and series point leader started on the pole and drove away from fellow front row starter Dale Blaney immediately in his Baughman-Reutzel Motorsports No.87.

Only two cautions interrupted Reutzel’s march to victory lane. Cautions came out on lap 6 and 20 respectively for Lance Dewease and Paul McMahan each having tire troubles.

Reutzel masterfully navigated through traffic, as Blaney, Danny Dietrich, Freddie Rahmer, and Gio Scelzi battled each other throughout the top five.

Dietrich solidified his place in second while chasing Reutzel, and then Brian Brown worked his way into fifth past Scelzi in the closing laps. But Reuzel wasn’t going to be denied his second win in three nights.

Reutzel said: “Yeah, it was phenomenal racecar. That’s for sure. I felt like I could go anywhere, and when you got a car that good, you just kind of just sit around and set your own pace and save your stuff which is really a big deal in racing today having a tire out here at the end. Our car has been so good here in the last month, and that’s what we’ve been good at is saving our equipment for the last ten laps”.

Dietrich held onto finish second while, Rahmer, Dale Blaney, and Brown completed the top five.

In IMCA RaceSaver competition, Drew Ritchey battled Ken Duke, Jr early for several laps before Duke spun going into turn one on Lap 14. Ritchey then had to contend with Ryan Lynn over the remaining laps, but was able to hold on for his first career win at Hagerstown, and his seventh win overall in 2019.

Rounding out the top five were Scott Lutz, Dave Grube, and Jaremi Hanson.

Notes: Dietrich set quick time with a lap time of 16.588 seconds over the 31 entries for the ASCoC portion of the show, while 30 IMCA RaceSaver teams were pitside.

The last time the ASCoC raced at Hagerstown was on July 28, 1983 and the winner that night was Dave Blaney. Blaney was back in competition 36 years later.

Brock Zearfoss made a last lap pass at the flagstand on James McFadden, taking the win by a scant margin of .003 seconds. Reutzel, Logan Wagner, and Christopher Bell were the other heat race winners.

Feature Results

ASCoC Sprints (30 laps) 1. Aaron Reutzel, 2. Danny Dietrich, 3. Freddie Rahmer, 4. Dale Blaney, 5. Brian Brown, 6. Gio Scelzi, 7. Mike Wagner, 8. Anthony Macri, 9. Cory Eliason, 10. Dylan Cisney, 11. Brock Zearfoss, 12. Logan Wagner, 13. Dave Blaney, 14. James McFadden, 15. Christopher Bell,  16. Kerry  Madsen, 17. Justin Peck, 18. Trey Starks, 19. Skylar Gee, 20. Paul McMahan, 21. Gerard McIntyre, 22. Bradley Howard, 23. George Hobaugh, 24. Anthony Fiore, 25. Lance Dewease

IMCA RaceSaver Sprints (25 Laps)-  1. 880-Drew Ritchey, [2]; 2. 26-Ryan Lynn, [6]; 3. 33-Scott Lutz, [9]; 4. 3D-Dave Grube, [7]; 5. 36-Jaremi Hanson, [10]; 6. 20-Doug Dodson, [12]; 7. 44K-Tim Stallings, [16]; 8. 1R-Christian Rumsey, [19]; 9. 92-Dylan Proctor, [18]; 10. 11Z-Zachary Newlin, [15]; 11. 67-Ken Duke Jr., [3]; 12. 44-Jake Waters, [17]; 13. 83-Lawrence McVay, [13]; 14. 2-Erin Statler, [4]; 15. 6X-Brad Mellott, [11]; 16. 56-Jake Frye, [20]; 17. 44V-Daren Bolac, [14]; 18. R6-Reed Thompson, [1]; 19. 00S-Randy Sterling, [8]; 20. 86-Ron Aurand, [22]; 21. 88VA-Bill Rice, [24]; 22. 54M-Todd Lynn, [23]; 23. 69K-Kassidy Kreitz, [21]; 24. 17K-Kyle Keen, [5]

SCN Wins to Moore, Nichols, and Leister; Schrader Wins MAM

By Brett Rose

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Attrition under a full moon dominated the 13th-annual Small Car Nationals at Hagerstown Speedway, but setting the cautions and red flags aside, fans were treated to some excellent multiple groove racing throughout the night.

Cody Kershner powered past Spike Moore to lead the first lap of the 30 lap Late Model Sportsman portion of the SCN and led the first 19 laps through traffic up high and low, swapping grooves as Moore was in pursuit.

Following a restart, Moore slipped past Kershner into the lead right before another caution came out two laps later.

Going into Turn One following that restart, a multiple car melee and pileup took out over half of the field. All drivers were OK, but all cars weren’t. Moore was able to survive the final restart and pull away from Kershner to take the win.

Robbie Emory finished third, followed by Shaun Miller and Troy Miller in the top five.

Danny Atherton led the way early in the 25 lap Pure Stock feature, but fortunes turned against him after the halfway point after leading at times by over half of a straightway. Following a restart after Lap 17, Rob Nichols slid under Atherton coming off of Turn 2 to take the lead, and took the preferred fast line up top that Atherton was using to his advantage.

The final caution on Lap 19 setup a restart that put Jonathan DeHaven on the rear bumper of Atherton. DeHaven aggressively drove into the rear of Atherton, sending him into a spin that ultimately put Atherton on his roof.

DeHaven was immediately black flagged and disqualified for rough driving. Atherton was uninjured.

Over the last five laps, Nichols battled side by side with Michael Warrenfeltz, but was able to hold off Warrenfeltz to take the win.

Dylan Rutherford finshed third, Jeremy Tinsman brought his battered machine from the rear to finish fourth, and Craig Parrill survived the attrition from his 21st place start to finish fifth.

A wild Hobby Stock feature event marred by multiple cautions was won by Ryan Leister after numerous side by side battles for the lead. Leister battled Ray Rothfuss early and often over the course of 25 laps, but was able to pull away towards the end to take the win.

Dustin Hoffman, Brady daniels, and Kevin Thomas completed the top five.

The Mid Atlantic Modifieds provided the nightcap with a 20 lap feature event, and racing legend Ken Schrader scored the victory.

Carl McKinney initially took the lead from his pole position before Schrader made a bold move up high coming off of turn two to take the lead on the third lap. Schrader led the next few circuits before a caution bunched the field back up for a restart.

McKinney regained the lead briefly before the duo exchanged sliders for a few laps, and then Schrader took the point for good. Schrader had to survive a one lap shootout after the last restart to pick up the popular win.

McKinney held on to second, while Ray Kable, Cody Williams, and Brad Kling rounded out the top five.

Feature Results

Late Model Sportsman (30 Laps)– 1. 48W-Greg Moore, [1]; 2. 43-Cody Kershner, [2]; 3. 9E-Robbie Emory, [3]; 4. 115s –Shaun Miller, [5]; 5. 115-Troy Miller, [8]; 6. 8F-Taylor Farlling, [10]; 7. 48-Donnie Farlling,[20]; 8. 92-Frankie Gordon, [13]; 9. 44-Shawn Shoemaker, [21]; 10. 88C-Chuck Cox III,[16]; 11. 16-Doug Jones, [18]; 12. 24-Daulton Bigler, [17]; 13. 18A-Dustin Arnold,[24]; 14. 74-Derick Quade, [6]; 15. 88-Marvin Winters, [19]; 16. 8-James Lichliter,[7]; 17. 08-Keith Koontz, [11]; 18. 86-Scott Palmer, [4]; 19. 01-Jim McBee,[15]; 20. 88X-Devin Weyandt, [9]; 21. 28Z-Ryan Zook, [14]; 22. 2-Dan Zechman,[12]; 23. 85-Rodney Walls, [22]; 24. D34-Curtis Dunn, [23]

Pure Stock (25 Laps)– 1. 7-Rob Nichols, [8]; 2. 12-Michael Warrenfeltz, [7]; 3. 11-Dylan Rutherford, [11]; 4. 8-Jeremy Tinsman, [6]; 5. 34C-Craig Parrill,[21]; 6. 57H-TJ Henry, [18]; 7. 2-Randy Zechman, [9]; 8. 3J-Richard Hawkins, [24]; 9. 33-Curtis Lawton, [15]; 10. 75-Marshall McMullen, [13]; 11. X99-Chris Heller, [16]; 12. 44-Charles Rupert, [22]; 13. 19-Danny Atherton, [1]; 14. 88-Brian Weyandt, [17]; 15. 12K-Bryan Kerns, [25]; 16. 6-Wayne Hawbaker, [19]; 17. 69-Dwayne Snyder, [5]; 18. 65-Dillon Wilson, [4]; 19. 56-Gregory Laird, [14]; 20. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer, [12]; 21. 3W-Dickie Tharp, [20]; 22. 47-Tike Loizos, [23]; DNS -Joshua Bloom, Mike Desch, DQ –Jonathan DeHaven

Hobby Stock (25 Laps)– 1. 14L-Ryan Leister, [5]; 2. 17-Ray Rothfuss, [1]; 3. 7-Dustin Hoffman, [4]; 4. 76-Brady Daniels, [7]; 5. 03-Kevin Thomas, [2]; 6. 19-Mike Fuller, [3]; 7. 0-Jamie Mills,[14]; 8. 100-Dalton Dillman, [11]; 9. 41-Sam Caravello, [21]; 10. 141-Tom Caravello,[9]; 11. 53-Gregory Morgan, [13]; 12. 14-Codey Breeden, 16]; 13. 99-Hilton Pickeral, [25]; 14. 10-Drew Fertig, [27]; 15. 20-Jeremy Zufall, [17]; 16. 12LC-Laura Chamberlain, [12]; 17. 35-James Mongan, [22]; 18. 66*-Chet Morris, [20]; 19. 21H-Travis Horan, [6]; 20. 57-Billy Ecton Jr., [26]; 21. 117-Kevin Imes, [15]; 22. 28M-Miranda Minium,[23]; 23. 38M-Matt Mellott, [8]; 24. 52-Ron Benton, [18]; 25. 64-William Crook,[19]; 26. 27-Davey Gross Jr., [10], DNS-John Catlett

Mid Atlantic Modifieds (20 Laps)– 1. 9-Ken Schrader, [2]; 2. 90-Ray Kable, [6]; 3. 6M-Carl McKinney, [1]; 4. 41-Cody Williams, [23]; 5. 11-Brad Kling, [4]; 6. 25-Mike Corbin, [11]; 7. 1$-Dale Smith, [17]; 8. 95J-Justin Cullum, [15]; 9. 7+7-Jeff Solinger, [9]; 10. 55-Alyssa Rowe,[7]; 11. 21H-Kyle Lloyd, [13]; 12. 7H-Josh Hughes, [19]; 13. 0-Haley Kaiser, [12]; 14. 17-Andy Bosley, [24]; 15. 26XJames Sparks, [22]; 16. 80-Keith Reed, [16]; 17. 19-Jacob White, [25]; 18. 2-Michael Pappas, [10]; 19. 44-Frank DiBella, [18]; 20. 8M-Jeffrey McCauley, [14]; 21. 12S-Rusty Pennington, [27]; 22. 5-Jerry Foster, [8]; 23. 13G-David Green, [28]; 24. 26D-Derek Deusenberry, [3]; 25. 76-Ryan Hackett, [29]; 26. 85-Chuckie Johnson, [21]; 27. 59-Doug Stine, [5]; 28. 07-Charlie Summers, [20]; DNS -Matt Wallace